New hints of The Last of Us Remake have appeared

The latest PlayStation job ad hinted at work on a remake of the popular The Last of Us game. Back at the beginning of the year we had a few rumors about Naughty Dog’s work on a remake of this game, which should come out in a new guise for PlayStation 5. Whether it’s a remake or just a remaster, it’s not clear, we know six people confuse the two. but it seems like a bigger project that has been planned for some time.

The Last of Us Remake game
The Last of Us game (source: Sony)

Namely, the latest job ad is for a technical game designer. This job is linked to the Creative Arts Development team in San Diego, and the potential new employee will work with a large number of Sony studios. Among the studios that will surely work are Santa Monica Studio, Guerrilla Games, Sucker Punch Productions and Naughty Dog. Although this does not reveal that this is The Last of Us, after looking at the job description which requires “implementing the existing gameplay in the new framework” and “improving interactions and including players in the existing levels” it clearly indicates that this is a person who would should work on remakes / remasters.

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Last of Us game, of course, is not mentioned in the ad, but it seems to many that this will be the first project for this person. Or at least one of the biggest involved. But it’s all within the realm of speculation, fueled by previous rumors. If you have a clearer idea of ​​what the game is about, or further confirmation that it is The Last of Us, make sure to share it with us in the comments.

No additional info about the release date and price at this moment.

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