Acne on the face - why they occur and how to treat them

Acne on the face why they occur and how to treat them

What causes Acne and How to treat Acne

They are also called pimples, blackheads. Acne can appear on all parts of the body, and we react most sensitively when they appear on the face. But these nasty pimples are not just an aesthetic problem, they are among the most common skin diseases and they are not just a problem in adolescence, they can occur at any age.

Acne can be caused by a hormonal imbalance, as a bacterial infection, by stress or some hereditary factor, and if left untreated it can become inflamed and create much more serious problems, when it can only be treated by a specialist, an epidermatovenerologist. Acne in extreme cases they are treated with external preparations and oral medicines, but in milder cases natural tricks are used which dry out the excess fat and allow the damaged skin to peel. Phytotherapy offers a large number of tonics of medicinal herbs for cleansing pimples, and you can make all these hydrolates yourself from plants that have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects, and are also helped by compresses of chamomile or green tea.

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Acne and kitchen tricks that you can always apply and cost you nothing

The pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries have produced a lot of sophisticated acne recipes, but if you get acne from stress while getting ready for a first date or some other important event, you need an ambulance because you don’t have time to run into shopping. Acne you can “freeze”, stop the inflammation with an ice cube wrapped in gauze.

There is parsley in every kitchen, and parsley tea has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effects, you can drink it, but you can also use a pad soaked in it as a compress on a treacherous pimple. You can also use nettles that grow all around you. You can clean oily skin with lemon juice, but if your skin is sensitive, dilute it with water. A mixture of honey and cinnamon also helps. Do not squeeze, crush, scratch acne, because you will only make the situation worse. If you are prone to pimples, never wash with hot water, cold water cools your skin and calms the processes on the surface of the skin. Herbal essential oils are applied directly to acne, and a good natural cream is salvation.

Acne as a sign and symptom of a more serious illness

Even in adolescence when pimples are considered a normal accompanying phenomenon of biological maturation, extreme cases of pimples can be encountered that young people find difficult to tolerate and cannot resolve without medical help. Acne is then treated locally externally, but also orally, with antibiotics, the therapy is monitored by a dermatologist and, if necessary, includes new therapeutic preparations, and in extreme cases when no therapy gives results, the dermatologist may recommend cosmetic surgery.

If pimples and pimples appear in people who have never had such problems, in middle age or later, they can only be an unpleasant announcement of a more serious disease, so thorough medical treatment is needed to make an accurate diagnosis and determine adequate therapy. Acne as a symptom of a serious illness, they often actually help to locate the real problem in time and start treatment systematically, and with successful treatment, the pimples disappear. If this happens to you, do not joke with the “new puberty”, just go to the doctor.

source: healthline

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