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Golden State revealed when James Wiseman is returning

The Golden State Warriors have revealed when their center James Wiseman is returning.

James Wiseman is a 20-year-old center of the Golden State Warriors who was selected from the 1st position in the NBA draft in 2020.

He was a student at the University of Memphis for a short time, and he left his studies after a controversial suspension by the NCAA because his coach, Penny Hardaway, helped him move.

James Wiseman Injury

James Wiseman suffered a severe knee injury in April 2021 and underwent knee surgery on April 15, and the Warriors spoke out about his return to the field:

“The exact date of James Wiseman’s return depends solely on his progress, we expect him to return to the full training process on October 15, when it will be six months since his operation. James will participate in lighter versions of training, mostly shooter and individual during our training camp. and on October 15, we will know whether he will return to the field or he will wait a little longer, “the Warriors announced.

James Wiseman Golden State Warriors (Photo source: Twitter)

James Wiseman Stats

  • PPG 11.5
  • RPG 5.8
  • APG 0.7
  • PIE 8.8
  • HEIGHT 7’0″ (2.13m)
  • WEIGHT 240lb (109kg)
  • AGE 20 years
  • BIRTHDATE March 31, 2001
  • DRAFT 2020 R1 Pick 2

James Wiseman contract

  • Contract: 4 yr(s) / $39,619,840
  • Average Salary: $9,904,960
  • Guaranteed at Signing $17,897,040
  • Signed Using: Entry Level/Rookie
  • Free Agent: 2024 / RFA

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