Steph Curry the Golden State Warriors NBA player

NBA rule changes: This is no longer a foul, Sorry Steph

Steph Curry the Golden State Warriors player also felt the new rules of the NBA league on his skin.

From this season, a foul will no longer be played to a defender when a shooter is “brought” into the defender at an unnatural angle or when he stretches his leg at an unnatural angle.

A foul will be called on the offensive player or nothing will be called as in the attached example of Steph Curry.

He dribbled, started the shot, and hit the defender who was standing with his arms raised and as the rules dictate, it is no longer a foul, and no foul was called.

Steph Curry the Golden State Warriors (photo source NBC)

“Let’s see if there is consistency now!,” NBA player Evan Fournier, the new player of the New York Knicks, commented on this reaction.

Finally, Steph Curry, James Harden, and Trae Young won’t be getting free throws as they used to. Two thumbs up for the NBA officials for changing this ridiculous rule.

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