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The 355 Movie Plot, Cast, Release date

Movie The 355 could be presented as a mix of Ocean’s Eleven and Mission Impossible. A female spy film starring five renowned actresses.

Joining forces is the best solution to remove a serious threat. Ask Avengers and The Expendables something about it.

The 355 Movie Cast and Characters

Jessica Chastain, who has the lead role, is Mason “Mace” Brown and she has to collaborate with her German colleague and rival Marie (Diane Kruger), with English operative Khadijah from MI6 (Lupita Nyong’o) and Colombian Graicel (Penelope Cruz).

Cast List

  • Jessica Chastain as Mace
  • Lupita Nyong’o as Khadijah
  • Diane Kruger as Marie
  • Penélope Cruz as Graciela
  • Sebastian Stan as Nick
  • Edgar Ramírez
  • Bingbing Fan as Lin Mi Sheng
  • Waleed Elgadi as Yassine
  • Jason Wong as Stevens
  • Maud Druine as Lin Mei Hong and more…
The 355 Movie Poster (source: IMDB)

The 355 Movie Plot

Despite their differences, they will have to cooperate to stop a terrorist who is on the verge of using a secret weapon that could endanger world security. The fifth mysterious woman who will follow it all from the shadows is the Chinese Mi Sheng (Fan Bingbing). Is she an ally or should they be vigilant about her issue? As for the guys, the roles in this film are played by Sebastian Stan and Edgar Ramirez.

The film is directed by Simon Kinberg.

The 355 Movie Release Date

Due to the pandemic, the film 355 is almost a year late after the planned release and will arrive in cinemas on January 7, 2022.

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The 355 – Official Trailer 2

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