john-wall-houston-rockets nba

When is John Wall coming back?

After all the John Wall saga he could play for the Houston Rockets this season.

According to ESPN, John Wall and the Houston Rockets are currently discussing his availability to play in the current 2021/22 NBA season, and that could happen very soon.

john-wall-houston-rockets nba
John Wall Houston Rockets (source Bullets Forever)

John Wall and the Rockets have an agreement that he will not play until they find him a new team, but no one wants to trade, so the five-time All-Star “fades” without basketball, and that could soon change.

Rafael Stone, the general manager of Houston Rockets, said that negotiations between the two sides would start this weekend. John Wall has a supermax contract, and the Rockets want to play young players, and it is not in their favor for an experienced playmaker to take the minutes.

However, the young players have problems with injuries, their hand “project” injured Jalen Green will not play for at least another week and the player who has two more years of the contract worth 91 million dollars left, could get a few minutes after all.

Houston Rockets has 3 wins and 16 losses this 2021/22 season.

We wrote about a possible trade talk with Miami Heat but it looks like this trade is put on hold for now.

John Wall NBA Stats

  • PPG 20.6
  • RPG 3.2
  • APG 6.9
  • PIE 11.4
  • HEIGHT 6’3″ (1.91m)
  • WEIGHT 210lb (95kg)
  • LAST ATTENDED Kentucky
  • CURRENT TEAM Houston Rockets
  • POSITION Point Guard
  • AGE 31 years
  • BIRTHDATE Sep 06, 1990
  • DRAFT 2010 R1 Pick 1
  • EXPERIENCE 10 years

John Wall Houston Rockets Contract

  • CONTRACT: 4 yr(s) / $171,131,520
  • AVG. SALARY: $42,782,880
  • GTD AT SIGN: $171,131,520
  • SIGNED USING: Designated Player Veteran Extension/Bird
  • FREE AGENT: 2023 / UFA

source: NBA

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