Is James Harden leaving Brooklyn Nets?

James Harden, a Brooklyn Nets basketball player, will look for a new environment in the summer, according to US media.

As we get closer to February 10, the day when the ability of teams to trade ends, there is more and more talk about James Harden and his status in the Brooklyn Nets.

What has been popular these days is the move of James Harden to Philadelphia, where Ben Simons would come in the opposite direction, but all in the range of rumors.

James Harden has never been a free agent, and he has been in the NBA for 13 years, and the former MVP has clear intentions, reports “Bleacher report”, and they are not related to the Nets.

“Harden will not hesitate, he will say what he thinks,” an unnamed source told B / R.

The test says that Harden is dissatisfied with the whole situation around Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant‘s injury also pushed him towards the exit door, but he is also disappointed with Steve Nash’s behavior.

Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, James Harden Brooklyn Nets (source: NBA)

Steve Nash did not give him enough minutes and opportunities to solve games, but that is not all, because the text states that Harden pointed out that he is very dissatisfied with life in New York.

Climate change is something he has a hard time getting used to, and taxes in Texas are much lower. All in all, he did not submit a request for a trade and we can expect that the season will end in the Nets.

However, what we can also expect, if there is a trade, Harden is very interested in Philadelphia and the thought that he will play with Joel Embid in the Philadelphia 76ers.

He will also renew his cooperation with Daryl Morey, the man who was the general manager of the Houston Rockets, the ones that Harden led to the West finals.

James Harden stats, salary

  • PPG 22.7
  • RPG 8.0
  • APG 10.1
  • PIE 15.7
  • HEIGHT 6’5″ (1.96m)
  • WEIGHT 220lb (100kg)
  • LAST ATTENDED Arizona State
  • AGE 32 years
  • BIRTHDATE Aug 26, 1989
  • DRAFT 2009 R1 Pick 3
  • EXPERIENCE 12 years
  • SALARY $44,310,840 USD
  • POSITION Point guard
  • CURRENT TEAM Brooklyn Nets

source: NBA

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