How to choose skis

How to choose skis

How to choose skis

It is very clear to professionals how to choose skis, so this is the question that bothers all amateur skiers the most. We can also say that this issue is most relevant during the winter holidays, when thousands of people decide to spend their free days in the mountains skiing. Skiing is a very attractive sport, whether you are a professional or an amateur. Skiing is also a popular sport in all countries with geographical predispositions and mountains that provide perfect skiing grounds. Not to mention too many words about the natural environment in which skiing is, because the mountains are natural extremes that leave everyone breathless.

It is therefore clear why a large number of people spend their free time actively, skiing surrounded by an enchanting landscape. Skiing is not a common human movement or activity, so it is impossible to just buy skis and go to the mountains to ski. First of all, it is important to do ski school, and then know how to choose skis to avoid all the problems and dangers that lie behind the seemingly harmless and relaxing skiing.

How to choose skis and the right length of skis

There is no universal rule on how to choose skis and the right length of skis. The length of the skis is selected according to several parameters, such as the height and weight of the skier. The next thing to consider when choosing skis is the skill and level of skiing knowledge, as well as the terrain on which you will be skiing and the skiing technique. Shorter skis are the best choice for all beginner skiers, who will therefore not choose difficult terrain for skiing and who will ski at lower speeds. Shorter skis allow you to ski with shorter turns, which means that you will be able to ride slower and therefore safer.

How to choose skis
How to choose skis (source: Pinterest)


Longer skis are usually intended for experienced skiers, who like to ski faster and more aggressively, while doing a bigger ski bow. Choose longer skis only if you are confident in your skiing skills, because not all skiers are responsible for their own safety and the safety of other skiers on the track. Enter all these parameters to know how to choose skis which will suit your skill and physical predispositions.

How to choose skis – ski radius

How you choose skis will also depend on the relevant factor that skiers call the ski radius. The radius of the ski or the side arch of the ski depends on the length of the ski. Skis between 170 and 185 centimeters in length result in a ski radius above 17 meters, so they are suitable for more aggressive skiing on longer and faster turns. This type of ski is used in the giant slalom ski discipline. On the other hand, we have shorter skis, from 150 to 165 centimeters, with a smaller ski radius of 10 to 13 meters.

With this ski radius, it is possible to ski slalom, a ski discipline that is somewhat slower than giant slalom and full of sharper turns. Skiing is a fantastic sport, however if you don’t master skiing and don’t know how to choose skis you can put yourself in very risky situations on the ski slope, which can be dangerous to the health of you and other skiers. Therefore, if you are not sure which skis to choose, be sure to consult with more experienced skiers or shop assistants.

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How to Choose Skis: Ski Size, Types of Skis & More