New BioShock 4 game could be called BioShock Isolation and have two cities

There are some rumors going around that the next BioShock could take place at a location with two cities and one border zone.

New BioShock 4 game could be called BioShock Isolation
New BioShock 4 game called BioShock Isolation (source: Cloud Chamber Studios)


The next game in the BioShock series has been in development for more than two years in a new studio called the Cloud Chamber. Although the game has been officially confirmed, we have not seen it yet, and it is a big unknown in what environment it will take place. Potential information about this is transmitted by a rather random source called Oops Leaks, so take their rumor with a great deal of reserve. It may not be true, but it is interesting.

According to the alleged presentation they allegedly grabbed, the new game could be called BioShock Isolation. The place of action is supposed to be two opposing cities – one on top of the other. On the surface, there is a city of rich society, and in the underground there is a lower class that the dictator persuades to a “vertical war”. There is a border zone between the two cities, which is the focus of the conflict between the two cities.

BioShock 4 game release date and platforms

We reiterate once again that these are unconfirmed rumors for now. Whether there is anything true in them we will probably find out soon – if not at the Game Awards then definitely sometime during 2022. We’ll almost certainly be seeing a new BioShock releasing on these platforms  PS5, Xbox Series X and Nintendo Switch also on the PC too.

BioShock 4 game price

The new BioShock 4 game 2022 price is not know as of this writing. If I have to guess between $30 and $40.

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