What is aurora borealis

What is Aurora Borealis (Northern lights)

What is Aurora Borealis (Northern lights)

Polar light hunters ardently claim that this is the most fascinating natural phenomenon that can be seen from the ground. Scientists tell us that such light phenomena are also seen around other planets in the solar system. What is aurora borealis (Northern lights), whether it is just a light phenomenon or something more requires a little knowledge of how this polar fascination arises. It appears at both the North and South Poles, but North Polar Light is more in focus. A diffuse colored curtain of light that descends perpendicular to the ground enchants with its beauty and leaves you breathless.

Well, what is aurora borealis, experts claim that in addition to the light spectacle, it is accompanied by certain sounds that are rare and barely noticeable, but researchers at the University of Finland still managed to catch them and record with special devices. For now, it is claimed that this music of the universe is an echo created by collisions of electric particles in very calm weather, but with high magnetic activities in the sun.

Are solar winds the answer to the question of what Aurora Borealis is

The cause of aurora borealis (Northern lights) was defined by Mikhail Lomonosov as solar activities carried by solar winds and whose currents and particles collide above the planet’s surface, colliding particles recover quickly and turn into beautiful light. Whether the solar winds are the answer to the question of what the aurora borealis is, they are, the direct cause is in a collision with the earth’s magnetosphere, and the light spectacle is more pronounced and impressive during sunspots. Sun particles fall to the ground and interact with the air to create magical colored light effects.

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What is aurora borealis (Northern lights) closer to the pole, the aureoral zone in which it is visible seems to be expanding and this does not coincide with the geographical polar zone. The colors of the light phenomenon depend on which particles predominate, in the deeper layers of the atmosphere oxygen emits green light, at higher altitudes it will shine with a reddish glow, nitrogen will absorb light in blue and purple shades regardless of height, and cave drawings have found that this phenomenon has always aroused awe.

What legends and myths tell about

The ancient primitive peoples did not explore aurora borealis (Northern lights) but only viewed it with awe as a sign announcing something fateful for the community. What legends and myths tell about, what is aurora borealis, to some northern peoples it was a game of gods announcing happiness, some expected the wrath of the gods of fire with its appearance, to the people of Norway it was a rainbow bridge over which the gods descend to earth, Finland saw it as a flaming river separating the living and the dead.

What is aurora borealis was to the Eskimos, to those of North America there was some dread that could be driven away by whistling and clapping of hands, because of this belief they call it polar madness and they still believed that one should not leave the house unarmed during the aurora borealis.

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