How long is a football match

How long is a football match

How long does a senior team football game last?

Football, the most popular sport in the world, is played at all ages. National federations organize leagues from the youngest to senior teams. How long is a football match (or soccer) depends on what age the team is about. Senior team matches last 90 minutes plus a few minutes of compensation. The match itself was divided into two parts of forty-five minutes, with a 15-minute break between the two parts. Time never stops in a football game and therefore there is compensation at the end of the first and at the end of the second half. The length of a football match is also affected by the type of competition.

Namely, in cup competitions, a football match can last longer than 90 minutes. If the result is tied at the end of the second half, then the game goes into extra time. There are two extra time (overtime) of 15 minutes each, with a short break in between. If the result of the match is tied after 120 minutes of play, the winner is decided by taking a penalty. National Championship matches have no extra time regardless of the outcome of the match.

How long is a football (soccer) match in futsal?

Football (soccer) is played in various variants. One of the variants of the football game is futsal. Futsal is a type of football that is played on a smaller field, mostly in halls. The surface of the terrain is mostly parquet. A futsal match is played between two teams, each of which has 5 players on the field, ie four players and one goalkeeper. In futsal, flying changes are allowed at any time during the match. Futsal rules clearly define how these changes must take place. How long is a football match in futsal is one of the things that fans of this type of football game want to know. The futsal match was also divided into two halves, but lasting 20 minutes. In futsal, there are periods of play when time stops. It is about taking free kicks, penalty kicks, etc. The duration of a football match in futsal is also affected by the competition in which futsal is played. Individual competitions may determine a different duration of a futsal match.

How long is a football match
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How long does a football match last at a younger age?

As already mentioned in this text, football (soccer) is played at different ages. Football matches between junior teams last shorter than senior, junior and cadet matches. The age of the football match is determined by the age. The match of the youngest ages lasts the shortest of all. The older you get, the longer the football game lasts. Namely, the duration of the match is adjusted to the physical strength and readiness of the player.

At a younger age, the dimensions of the field have been adjusted, and not just the duration of the match. Recently, in some competitions, more flying changes have been allowed in the younger categories, in order to reduce the effort of young players. In one of the youngest categories, the limač category, a football match lasts 40 minutes. The match itself was also divided into two halves of 20 minutes each. The break between them is 3 minutes. How long is a football match in other younger ages you can read on the websites of the county football associations.

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