Instagram is testing a feature that allows you to pin posts on your profile

Instagram is testing a feature that allows you to pin posts on your profile

Instagram tests a new feature that allows users to pin certain posts to their profile above their photo network, confirmed the company for TechCrunch. The new feature is currently in the testing phase and is being displayed to selected users on the platform. Users who have access to this feature see the “Pin to your profile” option, which you can select from the three-point menu next to the posts.

We are testing a new feature that allows people to post on their profile“Said a company spokesman Target.

The ability to upload a specific post to your profile could be a welcome feature for users who want to highlight their favorite posts that may have been buried somewhere below in their photo network. This feature can also be useful for creators who publish frequently but want to highlight a particular post.

Currently, users have the option to pin stories to their profile, but this new feature would extend this feature to posts. While you can currently highlight a post in a story and then pin that story to your profile, this new feature would make the process much easier and simpler. It’s worth noting that this feature works similar to Twitter’s “Pin to Your Profile” feature, which allows you to pin a tweet to the top of your personal feed.

The test of pinned posts comes about a week after Instagram announced that it was removing the “Recently” tab on the hashtag pages for some users as part of a small test. Currently, when you select a hashtag, you will be taken to a page where you can analyze the content posted using that hashtag through three categories: Top, Recent, and Reels. With this change, some users will now only see the “Top” and “Reels” tabs on the hashtag pages. The change could be seen as a way for Instagram to further promote Reels, its TickTook rival, while also focusing on posting the posts that get the most engagement on the platform.

Instagram is also testing a new feature that will make it easier for users to discover and support social actions directly through hashtags. When you search for certain hashtags related to certain social movements, you now have the opportunity to support them through new options. The company is introducing a new feature to select hashtags focused on popular movements on Instagram, including #BlackLivesMatter, #womensrights and #climatecrisis.

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