A gameplay video with Spider-Man in Marvel’s Avengers game has come out


The arrival of everyone’s beloved Spider-Man in Marvel’s Avengers game is getting closer, and IGN has caught up on testing his campaign piece.

The gameplay video donated by Crystal Dynamics is not long, but it certainly gives most of the insight into what awaits us at the end of the month in this somewhat forgotten game by many fans. The multiplayer experience did not delight many in the gaming community, but the single player campaign is worth everyone’s time, and the special Spider-Man content could certainly intrigue many.

Spider-Man Marvel’s Avengers game (source: IGN)


Admittedly, IGN has also given some criticism to the management of Spider-Man, primarily when not in the air, and the controls in wall-crawling are clearly not too good. But let’s see for ourselves by clicking on the mentioned video:

Spider-Man Marvel’s Avengers game release date

Spider-Man game is coming November 30, 2021 with a PlayStation (PS4 and PS5) version of Marvel’s Avengers game.

Spider-Man Marvel’s Avengers game price

Expected price for a Spider-Man game $29.99 for Standard Edition and  $49.99 for a Spider-Man Deluxe Edition

More game news: Pac-Man Museum+ games collection has been announced, and we expect it to go on sale at the beginning of next year

source: ign

Marvel’s Avengers: Spider-Man Exclusive Hands-On Preview

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