Microsoft has added a 2TB and 512GB SSD extension for the Xbox Series X and S

Microsoft added a 2TB and 512GB SSD expansion for the Xbox Series X and S

Xbox series x storage expansion card 2tb

Microsoft has released two new SSD expansion add-ons for the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, and users will be offered 512GB and 2TB SSD options joining the existing 1TB. New storage expansion options have been created by Seagate, and it can replace the existing 1TB SSD capacity for the mentioned consoles.

The Xbox Series X / S 512GB and 2TB SSD upgrade will be available at prices of 140 and 400 dollars. The 512GB option arrives in mid-November, while the 2TB option will be available in December.

Xbox series x expansion card 2tb

These SSD upgrades offer users the same levels of performance as integrated storage on Xbox Series X / S consoles. This will allow the current generation of Xbox games to run from the mentioned storage devices in the same performance as you would with the internal SSD of the system.

The new Seagate SSDs for the Xbox Series X and S are designed to be easily replaced or removed, a format that is becoming increasingly popular with manufacturers.

Source: Overclock3d

Microsoft announces a 2TB storage expansion for Xbox Series X|S and people are outraged at the price


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