There is a way to cheat in Gran Turismo 7, there are no penalties for now

The reduction in earnings in the Gran Turisma 7 races caused a revolt of the players and resulted in the first cheating technique in the game.

The official explanation for why Gran Turismo 7 requires a permanent connection to the server was: “not to cheat with recorded positions in the game.” In a somewhat unbelievable turn of events, the developers of Gran Turisma 7 themselves have now provoked cheating which they sought to prevent.

Since the last update, a good portion of the races in Gran Turismo 7 have halved their prizes in the form of Credits virtual currency. Many players saw it as shameless slowing down progress in the game to encourage the purchase of microtransactions, ie virtual currency using real money. Out of revolt, therefore, some have devised a way to raise money in the game without much effort.

Thus, a script was developed that works using the Remote Play application in combination with the AutoHotKey application for the PC / Windows platform. The script works by constantly sending the application a command to confirm in the menus and give gas while driving.

When a script is combined with one banal race on an oval track, where some earnings are always guaranteed, repeating that race can earn millions of credits with that script without the game actually being played. The creator of this “trick” states how there is a chance that the whole thing stutters if the car accidentally crashes into a wall, so does this farming it is not 100% effective if you do not follow what is happening out of the corner of your eye.

This cheating scheme appeared yesterday and so far there is no response from Polyphony Digital. But it is very likely that they will stop it with the next update – a simple change of track or another adjustment of the prize.

source: videogamesblogger