Sony has bought a studio that has not yet made any games

As of today, PlayStation Studios has one more studio. Sony has decided to take over the Canadian team Haven Studios, led by former producer Assassin’s Creed.

Sony has once again expanded its PlayStation Studios production chain. This time it is not a big acquisition of a well-known studio – they took over Canadian Haven Studios. If the name of the studio doesn’t mean anything to you, it’s not up to you – the team hasn’t launched any games yet because the studio was founded a little over a year ago.

Haven Studios is under management Jade Raymond, a former producer of the Assassin’s Creed series. The studio has previously had an agreement with Sony to prepare an exclusive multiplayer game for the PlayStation. Nothing has changed since the takeover – the team will continue to work on a completely original project that Sony describes as a “modern multiplayer experience”.

However, don’t expect an action game – according to the above, the first game of Haven Studios should be focused on community building and the different ways in which these communities are expressed.

source: metro