Xbox has introduced shaggy controllers, and it’s not even the first of April!

The Xbox will get special Sonic controllers that will warm the hands of all customers with their fur. No joke, they are serious!

The Xbox has just reminded us that we should update our list of the worst controllers in history. A special edition of the Xbox Series controller and Xbox Series S console has been announced on the occasion of the promotion of the film Sonic the Hedgehog 2. And while the console looks attractive in depicting the duel between Sonic and Knuckles, the controllers themselves are i hairy and shaggy?

Before you fall off the chair, or where you are already sitting while reading this, these colorful ones creatures creations will not be available for free but will be to share as part of a prize draw. And since Croatia is not officially supported by Xbox, you have no chance to participate in it, so you have to manage differently if you are looking for something hairy and shaggy.

source: hcl