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How to Print Screen on a Laptop

How to Print Screen on a laptop and what is a screenshot anyway?

Screenshot or screenshot is a popular action on a laptop that many people don’t know how to do. If you are a person who does not know how to Print Screen on a laptop, then read this text and find out all about it. Before you learn How to Print Screen on a laptop, you need to learn what a screenshot is. Screenshot is a kind of operation that you can perform on your laptop, and it refers to saving a desktop image on your laptop.

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This operation can be useful when you want to send a layout of a certain website to a colleague or when you have a family meeting via Skype and you want to save a shared photo. There are several ways you can take a screenshot and each one is very simple, so that anyone with a minimum level of computer literacy can make it. The ways to take a screenshot are mostly the same for all laptop models, so once you learn to take a screenshot on one laptop model, you will be able to do it on another.

How to Print Screen on a Laptop on Windows operating system?

Most laptops in the world use the Windows operating system, which is also the most popular with other types of computers. The popularity of Windows lies in the fact that even IT laymen can easily use it. Procedure How to Print Screen using Windows operating system is very simple. This procedure consists of 4 simple steps. The first step involves clicking the Windows key and the Print Screen key at the same time. This action will allow you to take a screenshot.

Your screen will be “frozen” for a short time. After this step, open the photo editing program. This can be photoshop, Microsoft Paint, etc. The third step involves copying the screenshot to a photo editing program. You will do this by selecting the “New image” option within that program and simultaneously clicking on the CTRL key and the V key. After the photo is transferred to the program, select the option to save the photo in JPG or PNG format to a file of your choice. Once this is done the process of how to Print Screen on a laptop using the Windows operating system is complete.

How to Print Screen on a Laptop in other ways?

As already mentioned in the text, the process of how to Print Screen on a laptop can be done in several ways. In addition to the already mentioned method, which involves using a photo editing program, there are ways that use the Snipping tool, Snagit application, etc. The Snipping tool is a great tool for laptops that use the Windows operating system. Open the Snipping tool application and inside it click on the “New” option or at the same time click on the CTRL key and the N key on the keyboard to create a new clip.

Inside the new clip, make a rectangular outline with your mouse to your liking. After you do this, save the photo in PNG or JPG format to the file you want. This app allows you to cut your screenshot into any shape. The first step of the procedure how to Print Screen on a laptop using a snagit app refers to just downloading the said app to your laptop. Inside the app, click on the camera option to take your screenshot. Other ways involve using a combination of different keys on the laptop.

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How to take a screenshot on a PC or Laptop any Windows