How to get rid of fear

How to get rid of fear

What is the emotion and how to get rid of fear

Fear is an emotion that is normal and can be useful in dangerous and stressful situations. We humans can have different kinds of fears. We experience our first fears as children. Fear can cause us a lot of problems if we do not have enough knowledge about what fear is and how to get rid of fear.

We humans are also given reason to learn, to think, to learn something new from what we have learned and what we have gone through or experienced in life, to draw conclusions. We were created to grow, to work, to activate, to be free and to make life more beautiful and richer. But if we are in fear then that fear is holding us back, then we are looking at the negative, not going forward and losing. We can fight irrational unrealistic fear by becoming masters and going into fear, right where we are afraid to try, defiantly, to take our lives into our own hands. Slowly, repeating step by step forward, not caring what someone might say we won’t be able to. No one even needs to know. Then success is most beautiful when it is achieved.

If we are in fear, we cannot grow. If we are lazy, we cannot progress. We might prefer to think about what we can achieve, what we want and can be, look there, then the fear disappears, when we start learning, when we act and defiantly move forward. Thus man becomes strong, firmer, safer both physically and spiritually. You just need to practice your virtues, we all have them, practice your abilities and believe in yourself.

How to get rid of fear
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Signs of the body that we are in fear, when we think in fear we can recognize because we feel that the body tightens, the heart begins to beat harder (to get blood to the muscles), pupils narrow, mental functions sharpen, abdomen (as if we have a stone in stomach), legs and muscles are tense (ready for action), we sweat, lift our shoulders, neck and shoulder muscles tighten, we may have accelerated digestion. Breathing is irregular, shallow, intermittent, rapid (so that oxygen reaches the muscles quickly). Fear stimulates the secretion of the hormone adrenaline, which in case of danger causes us such changes in the body and psyche that allow us to escape or fight, for example. It is necessary to get rid of the fear that we change such a state of the body, that we relax the body, become aware of our state, breathe properly, connected. The most important thing is to have knowledge of what is really happening to us and find a solution on your own or with the help of an expert how to get rid of fear.

Types and causes of fear, how to get rid of fear

The most common fears in people are the fear of rejection, of failure. Furthermore, people have a fear of airplanes, death, unemployment, war, corporal punishment. The question is whether we can and how to get rid of fear? We have two problems with fear, the first problem is because we are afraid of something and then the second problem is when we avoid what we are afraid of. Fear can be a serious obstacle to normal social life. One of the most common fears in today’s new modern times is the fear of socializing with people, the fear of illness, then the fear of losing a job, the fear of someone else’s opinion, the loss of a loved one or loved ones, the fear of poverty, hard life, general impossibility solving life problems.

Causes of fear are ignorance, false knowledge and irrational approach to problems (exaggeration), mental illness (hallucinations), physical illness, uncertainty in the future, poor financial situation (life difficulties and stresses), concern for existence, competition or opposition to other people (fear of social condemnation or fear of valuing others – prevents creativity in people), selfishness (if we are hostile or think of others, fear of revenge may appear). If we have one fear, we must be aware that this fear can cause other types of fears, so it is certainly good to know how to get rid of fear.

Fear can greatly burden us in creativity, expressing ourselves as a person. Fear brings a sense of inferiority and shyness, the inability to stand up for ourselves. In addition, anxiety, anxiety, and guilt may occur.

How to get rid of fear

It is not good to fight against fear by trying to suppress it, to make sure that fear does not exist, to analyze or immerse yourself even more in terrible thoughts because those thoughts are actually fear. Nor is it more advantageous if we try to force these thoughts to stop, control, or try to draw attention to something else. In such ways, psychologists claim, we continue to maintain a state of fear and internal conflict, and we pay attention to fear. Instead, we need to be well aware of fear, to accept that we are afraid.

Question code how to get rid of fear it is interesting that we can observe that such thoughts are present, but in a way that we do not enter into analyzes of those thoughts, we do not imagine what might happen. Every thought, if we do not deal with it actively, comes and goes as well, and even thoughts when we are in fear. Although it seems simple, applying this approach in practice is not easy, especially in the beginning. This is because such a way has been an ingrained habit, and habits do not change easily and quickly, but they can change gradually, so with a new habit that is useful and healthy, we replace the bad one.

Some people find it easier to deal with fears and others harder. If we have been struggling with fear for years, we somehow have a strong motive to avoid fear because we feel short-term relief, but in the long run, the problem is not solved, but maintained or often increased. In any case, perseverance is needed, we must not give up even though we see that it is not easy. If we fail on our own, we can turn to our doctor, psychotherapists and psychologists for adequate professional help.

Short prayers of affirmation can help people who find their strength in faith in moments when they encounter fear by thinking that what they fear will not happen to them because God, the Almighty, protects them, protects them and helps the brave. In addition, it is extremely important to acknowledge (realize) your fear before God. Supposedly, God also loves and helps the brave, not those who are forever nagging and just begging for help and doing nothing themselves.

In general, behavior change can help us get rid of fear, activity will help. After work, indulge in enjoyable activities (hobbies, listening to music, watching movies, series, reading books, playing computer games, singing, playing, cooking, finding something to cheer you up, maybe reading jokes and watching comic movies). Nurture humor, socialize with people who are successful, enterprising and who you understand, who you think are brave. Eat healthy, don’t overeat and eat too many sweets, don’t smoke, drink too much alcohol and coffee (caffeine, nicotine and alcohol stimulate anxiety). Get moving, exercise, walk. Take care of yourself, take care of personal hygiene, and so you will raise your self-confidence, keep your home tidy. It is important to be informed, but take care not to be unnecessarily overwhelmed by negative information, possibly set yourself only twice a day to follow informative news from reliable sources, there is really no need to follow the news all day. 

Top 1o Tips to overcome fear

  1. Take time out and think positive when you feel fear or anxiety
  2. Breathe through panic
  3. Face your fears
  4. Imagine the worst
  5. Look at the evidence
  6. Don’t try to be perfect
  7. Visualise a happy place
  8. Talk about it
  9. Go back to basics
  10. Reward yourself
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