Dacia Spring is ‘The Best buy car in Europe 2022’

With a superior advantage over other competitors, Dacia Spring was declared the best and most affordable vehicle in the competition. For the first time in 21 years of holding this award, the Autobest jury declared an all-electric car the winner. It should also be mentioned that the jury of the Autobest award consists of automotive journalists from 32 European countries.

2022 Dacia Spring EV SUV front side view
2022 Dacia Spring EV compact SUV (source: Dacia)


After winning the Good Deal at the Automobile Awards last week, the Autobest title is another recognition of Dacia’s vision of fully electric mobility that is essential and accessible to all.

Introduced in late March 2021, Dacia Spring electric car instantly won customers and collected 43,000 orders. There is a good reason for this: Spring offers electric mobility without unnecessary accessories, relying on essential equipment (navigation, air conditioning, electric windows, etc.) at the best price in Europe.

2022 Dacia Spring EV SUV rear side view
2022 Dacia Spring EV compact SUV (source: Dacia)

This compact SUV offers record-breaking spaciousness with four straight seats, and is powered by an efficient and reliable electric motor that achieves a range of up to 305 km in city (WLTP) and 230 km in mixed driving (WLTP).

Denis Le Vot, CEO of the Dacia and Lada brands, said: ‘We are very proud to have won the Autobest Award for 2022. This is further proof of Dacia’s commitment to always offering its customers what they really need. Spring is a real modern vehicle, simple and accessible to the widest circle of customers. I would like to thank the members of the Autobest Jury for confirming that we are going in the right direction as a brand. ‘

In addition to winning the Best Buy Car of Europe 2022 award, Dacia Spring electric car achieved great results at the ECOBEST Challenge 2021 organized by Autobest in November this year, in the following categories:

Achieved range of 221 km in mixed driving cycle (compared to homologated 230 km range according to WLTP)

 Remaining range of 31 km with discharged battery (0 percent of battery on instrument panel display)

The energy efficiency of 8.25 km / kWh, which is the best measured value in the competition of 15 tested vehicles.

Dacia Spring cost

It is a very affordable car Dacia Spring  EV compact SUV starting price in Europe is around  €12,695 or around $14,300.

source: dacia

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