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The best chin exercise

Vježba za podbradak

The chin exercise

The chin is an unwanted layer of fat under the lower face, often associated with being overweight. However, other factors, including genetics and the aging process, can contribute to its occurrence. Fortunately, there are ways to combat it, and for those who don’t prefer surgery, there are exercises that can help. There is a wide variety of exercises aimed at reducing underarms, and below we present seven selected exercises for this purpose. The Chin Exercise Cup provides a simple and affordable way to fight underarms. No special equipment is required for its performance. Begin this exercise by opening your mouth, then gently lower your lower lip over your lower teeth. Imagine trying to hold a sip of water in your mouth using only your lower jaw. After that, close your mouth and gradually raise your head upwards, keeping your lips relaxed. This chin exercise will contribute to a firmer and more elastic chin. Repeating this exercise five to seven times regularly will help you reduce fat in this critical area. In the following, we will reveal other exercises for the chin and give you useful tips on how you can reduce its visibility.

Chin exercise and how to reduce it

Touching the nose is based on the ability to gently touch the nose with the tongue. Stick your tongue out towards the tip of your nose to strengthen the muscles under your chin. Repeating this simple exercise several times a day helps tone this area and reduce fat under the chin.

Pulled cheeks are performed by turning your head to the left and pulling your lower jaw forward. Then, strain your neck muscles to feel the increased pressure. Repeat this process with your head turned to the right. Repeating these steps five times a day will help you achieve visible results.

Kissing a giraffe is done by pursing your lips and stretching your neck upwards so that she feels the tension. Hold this position for a few seconds and then relax. Repeating this exercise five times helps reduce fat under the chin.

Resistance chin exercises are performed by placing both hands under the chin and moving the lower jaw upwards, providing resistance with the hands. Gradually increase the pressure to strengthen the muscles around the chin, and practice five to seven times for excellent results.

Puffed cheeks are performed by breathing air into the cheeks, then pressing the cheeks with the palms of your hands and slowly tightening them without releasing the air. Hold this position for a few seconds before releasing the air. Repeating this exercise five to six times helps reduce fat under the chin.

Laughing is a natural exercise for the chin. Just clench your teeth and push your tongue towards the roof of your mouth while smiling. Repeating this on a regular basis will help you with a visible reduction in underarms.

Chin exercises and techniques

In addition to chin exercises, there are other alternatives that you can explore to reduce the fat under your chin. Chewing gum regularly can help strengthen your chin muscles. This repetitive motion promotes muscle firmness, which over time can result in a tighter facial appearance. Gently massaging the area under the chin with wheat germ oil for 10 to 15 minutes can help improve circulation and tone the skin. Leave the oil on overnight and wash off in the morning. This method quickly brings noticeable results. An egg white mask makes the skin firmer and can prevent the accumulation of fat. The ingredients include two egg whites, fresh milk, peppermint oil, honey and lemon juice. Regular application of this mask helps restore the skin’s youthful appearance, remove loose skin and suppress fatty deposits under the chin. Vitamin E is known for its positive effects on the skin. Taking vitamin E supplements can improve the condition of the skin and contribute to its youthful and healthy appearance, including reducing fat under the chin. Massaging the area under the chin with cocoa butter is a method that has been used for many years. People who have applied it often notice visible changes in their skin after just a few weeks. Apply cocoa butter evenly on your beard and massage gently for a few minutes for best results. A combination of chin exercises and natural approaches like the ones listed above can be key to achieving the desired results in removing fat under the chin.

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