Chest stabbing - common causes and treatment

Chest Pain: common causes and treatment

Piercing pain in the chest

It is difficult to find a symptom that is more frightening, and it is objectively a dangerous health signal such as a stab in the chest. For a more accurate diagnosis, it is important to locate the exact location of the puncture in the chest as well as the intensity and type of pain and puncture. Chest pain and stabbing can be a signal of a serious health problem that requires urgent medical attention, and often chest pain is caused by less dangerous health problems.

Piercings specific to the chest area are distinguished by the type of pain, intensity, duration of pain and the location from where the pain spreads. The types of pain are stabbing, burning, and dull pain that occurs, and the duration of chest pain can range from just a few seconds to a few days. Piercing in the chest it can be very sharp and as soon as it is felt it is necessary to go to the doctor. There are various causes of pain and stabbing in the chest, and although this symptom would be associated with heart disease at first, only 13 percent of such patients.

Chest stabbing - common causes and treatment
Chest Pain (source: Pintrest)


Chest stabbing pain causes

Piercing in the chest in 13 percent of cases is due to heart disease, such as acute myocardial infarction, and one of the more common causes is Angina pectoris which causes a narrowing of the artery, resulting in poorer oxygen supply to the heart. Pain and stabbing in this case occur on the left side or in the middle of the chest during physical exertion.

Another cause related to heart health is myocarditis or inflammation of the heart muscle. A common cause of chest tightness is heartburn problems, the return of stomach contents to the esophagus. Also physiological problems like gallstones, pancreatitis can cause severe stabbing in the chest. Among the more dangerous health problems, lung diseases should be mentioned, while somewhat more harmless causes of chest pain and stabbing are often problems with muscle and bone structure. Certain psychological conditions, such as anxiety, can also cause chest pain. Anxiety is a big problem of today’s man in psychological terms, but it often manifests as physical pain.

Chest piercing pain treatment

How many of the health conditions they cause stabbing in the chest, there is some information that you can come to the doctor to determine the correct diagnosis as easily and quickly as possible. In any case, when you experience a stabbing in the chest, go to your doctor immediately and, if possible, inform him about the moment when the pain started, how long it lasted, how intense it was and whether you have ever felt it before.

This information can be very helpful, and for successful treatment and to diagnose the problem, your doctor will send you for tests such as an ECG, various blood tests, heart ultrasound, and ergometry. The chest puncture is then treated causally, when a health problem is diagnosed. In addition to treatment, it is very important to know how most health conditions that lead to chest pain and stabbing can be prevented by leading a neat and healthy lifestyle. Also, preventive medical examinations are recommended so that they can react in time and prevent major health problems.

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Chest pain: symptoms, causes and what to do

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