The oldest sport in the world

The oldest sport in the world

The oldest sport in the world

The oldest sport in the world we can look among the former skills with which people literally survived. Today, sport is any physical activity in which we try to beat another competitor or try to improve the results set by someone else, which most often relate to the physical capabilities of the human body.

Modern man has no need to run fast to save a live head or to hunt to feed himself. These and similar activities today have been moved to the realm of sports, in order for man to prove his abilities in completely different assumptions. Guided by such logic, the oldest sport in the world could be any kind of sport hunting or running. Also, what we can logically conclude is that the oldest sports, except for hunting and running, are related to all martial arts. Namely, man has always had to fight with others through his past, so martial arts were very celebrated and promoted, and from that came the first sports competitions with a martial sign.

Evidence for the oldest sport in the world

It is difficult to define exactly which one it is the oldest sport in the world, however, it is clear, regardless of part of the world, that the oldest sports are related to fishing, swimming, martial arts, archery and running. Evidence for sports competitions has been found in various parts of the world, and one of the most significant evidence was found in the Lascaux Cave.

The oldest sport in the world
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This cave is located in France, and drawings have been found on the walls that are supposed to show moments and human poses from wrestling and running. If the assumptions are correct, then we can say that the first sports competitions were organized in wrestling and running, 17,000 years ago. More reliable depictions of sports competitions date back to 9000 years ago, and were found in Mongolia. Wrestling can also be seen in these images, which is another proof that the oldest sport in the world is certainly related to the skills that enabled prehistoric man to survive all dangers, from natural disasters to threats from another prehistoric man.

The oldest sport in the world and the oldest sports competition

There is no one the oldest sport in the world, and thus not the oldest sports competition, however the oldest and most important sports competition that has taken place to date are the Olympic Games. The ancient Greeks launched the Olympic Games, which to this day have retained the image of the most important and prestigious sports competition in the world.

Today, as part of the Olympic Games, athletes compete in a variety of sports, and many of them have recently been included in the Games program. However, many sports remained in the program from the very beginning, when the Greeks started playing. Sports such as wrestling and running are also mentioned in the first Olympic competitions, so it can be noticed that the oldest sport in the world can be sought between wrestling and running. All the oldest writings or even older drawings in the caves mention and depict these two sports. This fact makes sense if we know that running is a completely natural movement, and that wrestling as a skill arose from the need to defend oneself from attack.

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