The development of Stalker 2 is reportedly moving from Ukraine to the Czech Republic

One Czech portal states that representatives of GSC Game World have agreed to transfer studies from Kiev, Ukraine, to Prague.

Game development STALKER 2: Shadow of Chornobyl is currently paused due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Kiev studio GSC Game World he said they have more important things than developing a new game, but that they plan to finish it once the war is over. If that happens, it seems that the development of the game will not continue in Ukraine.

Czech portal Vortex states that their source confirmed to them that the GSC Game World studio is planning to move to the Czech Republic. It seems that the surrounding countries were also under consideration, but the company’s management reportedly decided to move to the Czech capital – Prague.

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In the event of the aforementioned move, GSC Game World will not be the first studio to leave Ukraine due to the situation with Russia. Back in 2014, the creators of the Metro series, studio 4A Games, moved their business to Malta. But their Kiev branch remained operational until last month this year.

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