Rainbow Six Siege should soon appear on cell phones

For its most popular multiplayer game, Rainbow Six Siege, Ubisoft has targeted mobile platforms as the next stop.

We recently heard that Call of Duty Warzone will get its mobile version in the future, and Apex Legends Mobile has just arrived. Battlefield is also planning a breakthrough in the world of mobile gaming, and now the news arrives that Ubisoft wants the sweet money of mobile gaming with its popular game Rainbow Six Siege.

Allegedly se mobile Rainbow Six Siege develops in collaboration with the Chinese corporation Tencent. We should find out the first details 6. 4. this yearwhen the game should be officially unveiled.

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According to data from early 2021, Rainbow Six Siege counted 70 million registered users. The number of active users is not known, but as the game has been on the market for more than five years, it is clear that some great growth is not expected on existing platforms in the future. So Ubisoft is obviously hoping to catch fresh players on mobile platforms.

source: siege

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