From the Xbox, they say that games attract three times more players when they are on the Game Pass

Microsoft has presented some interesting statistics of its Xbox / PC Game Pass subscription service.


Microsoft Subscriber Service Xbox / PC Game Pass proved successful with 25 million subscribers. But many are wondering how cost-effective the Game Pass is for the Xbox itself, as well as game developers / publishers. Better said – is it a sustainable model in the long run?

The answer to that will come in time, but Microsoft released some hitherto unknown statistics about the Game Pass at the GDC convention yesterday. They say the following:

  • when games appear on the Game Pass, the number of players on average is up increased by 8.3 times
  • when it is launched on Game Pass from the first day, it is played by 3.5 times more players when it comes to high-budget titles; that is, 15 times more players when it comes to indie titles
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It is not entirely clear with which statistics from Microsoft they compare the activity of subscribers, but it can be assumed that this refers to the statistics of player activity in the classic sales of games on the Xbox.

Microsoft says that their Game Pass has mostly helped independent game developers. Between 2016 and 2020, indie developer revenues increased significantly in the case of titles that appeared on Game Pass from day one. This includes bonuses that indie developers receive from Microsoft in case they decide to launch the game on the Game Pass.

Of course, as with all statistics, here’s a visible story that suits Microsoft and definitely doesn’t give the whole picture of the current state of affairs for developers. But as far as users are concerned, the situation is quite open and positive. It is interesting to note that 60 games have appeared on the Game Pass so far, which were named Game of the Year out of 30 different publications. 

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SOURCE: xbox

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