FlightHub phone number, FlightHub flight cancellation info

This is from my personal experience with the Flighthub. For some reason, I couldn’t find the Flighthub phone number. It took me a while to find it and here it is:

Flighthub contact number

Call Toll Free 1-800900-1431.

Call Us toll-free 24/7 1-800900-1431.

First I tried at their site “Our Support Hub Page” this link support.flighthub.ca and so many other pages but no luck. I’m not sure why is that, but my guess is since the COVID-19 outbreak a lot of people are trying to reach Flighthub in order to speak to Flighthub representatives regarding their flights, holidays, flight cancellation, airfares, etc.

Most likely they are getting tons of calls a day and they just decided not to share phone numbers at the Flighthub.ca website.

I called regarding a COVID-19 flight cancellation and took me a while to speak to the Flighthub representative.

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Here is a part of the itinerary:

“The airline has issued a travel advisory for your booking. Please click here to check cancellation options due to the major changes to your itinerary. If you are still willing to retain your flight and would like to explore other options available to you, please click here.”

Itinerary on the website

There are two options:

You have two options for canceling your booking

  1. Refund (RECOMMENDED). You can cancel your airfare flight with a full refund and that depends on which company you are flying with, minus $35 a handling fee for each ticket. “You may be entitled to a refund. Some airlines are allowing tickets to be refunded even if you purchased non-refundable tickets due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Refunds are only available for un-flown flights. When you request a refund with us, we will cancel your booking and will handle fulfilling your request with the airline on your behalf. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, it could take up to 18 weeks to receive a refund to the original form of payment you used when you purchased the itinerary. Please note that not all airlines are offering refunds.”
  2. Future Travel Credit (NOT RECOMMENDED). “Most airlines are waiving their penalty fees to cancel your flight and receive travel credits. This allows you to cancel now and book new flights at a later date once you are ready to travel again. New flights must be within the airline’s requirements, which usually consist of a rebooking deadline or travel-must-commence-by date. These are typically 1 year after the date of purchase, but could be extended due to COVID-19 outbreak.”

Photo of canceling your booking options

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Canceling your booking options

UPDATED: I was able to get a full refund after 6-7 weeks, it took some time on the phone but I got the full refund. Kudos to them at least I got my money back.

Call back request

You can request a call back from the FlightHub which I did more than five times and they never called me. Giving them a call is a much better option.

Here is what it states on the FlightHub.ca website
“You may complete the callback request form below. One of our schedule change specialists will contact you in the next 24 hours with other available options.”

Call back request Form screenshot

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To request a callback from the FlightHub form, It never worked for me, check it out below!

Call back request Form

Flighthub contact number

Call Toll Free 1-800900-1431.

Call Us toll-free 24/7 1-800900-1431.

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