NBA MVP 2021 announcement Nikola Jokic is MVP

Denver Nuggets star Nikola Jokic wins the MVP award!!!

NBA League Commissioner Adam Silver told Jokic that he is the MVP, while he was sitting in the room during a team meeting and a conference call with representatives of the league players’ association.

Voting results for the 2020-21 Kia NBA Most Valuable Player Award

Jokić got 91 first-place votes, 8 second-place votes, 1 third-place vote, and collected 971 total points from a panel of 100 sportswriters and broadcasters and 1 Kia NBA Most Valuable Player Award fan vote, making a total of 101 ballots. 

Philadelphia 76ers center Joel Embiid 586 points, finished in second place, Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry 453 points in third place, Milwaukee Bucks forward Antetokounmpo 348 points in fourth place, and Phoenix Suns guard Chris Paul 139 points in fifth place. BTW LeBron James received only 1 point.

Nikola Jokic Wins #KiaMVP Most Valuable Player! | 2020-21 NBA Season

The end of the 2020 – 2021 NBA season is scheduled for May 16 and the MVP race is still underway. The announcement for the NBA MVP normally takes one month after the end of the regular season or just before the conference finals.

When is NBA MVP announced 2021

2021 NBA MVP announcement date was on the 8th of June. Nuggets star Nikola Jokic wins the MVP award. The last center to win the MVP award was Shaquille O’Neal in 1999-2000

Who is most likely to win MVP NBA 2021?

NBA’s Most Valuable Player for the 2021 year judging by the media poll and betting sites is Denver Nuggets star Nikola Jokic aka Joker. Jokic is standing way above the rest of the other NBA stars like Joel Embiid, Giannis Antetokounmpo, StephenCurry, LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Luka Doncic, Damian Lillard, Chris Paul, Julius Randle, Kyrie Irving, James Harden, etc.

According to ESPN, these three players are top finalists for the MVP award.

Denver Nuggets center Nikola Jokic, Philadelphia 76ers center Joel Embiid, and Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry are the finalists for the 2021 NBA Most Valuable Player award.

Joker finished first in all important metrics. Offensive Win Shares, Player Efficiency Rating (PER), Box Plus-Minus, Value Over Replacement Player, and Win Shares. He also played in every NBA game and has more minutes than any other contender for the MVP trophy. Jokic is the third player in NBA history to finish a season ranked in the top five in total points (third), rebounds (fifth), and assists (third). I have to mention that Nikola was the number 41 pick in the second round of the 2014 draft selected by the Nuggets, he could be the lowest draft pick ever to win MVP.

Who is the MVP of the NBA 2021?

My pick for 2021 NBA MVP award is Denver Nuggets star Nikola Jokic. All I can say:

"Nikola Jokic is like water vapor. The driving force of the team, invisible and elusive"

Serbian native Nikola Jokic, who has not missed a single game this season, collected 90 of the 101 first-place votes cast in ESPN’s latest MVP straw poll. The Joker is almost averaging a triple-double. He has 60 double-doubles and 16 triple-doubles in the 2020-21 NBA regular season.

Why should Jokic win MVP this season? I can suggest that you read this article by Matt Moore with a lot of good arguments about Joker being the front runner. Moore: Making The Definitive MVP Case For Denver Nuggets Star Nikola Jokić

The MVP votes are weighted with a point system that breaks down like this:

  • 1st place vote: 10 pts
  • 2nd place vote: 7 pts
  • 3rd place vote: 5 pts
  • 4th place vote: 3 pts
  • 5th place vote: 1 pts

NBA MVP Media Straw Poll Results

1. Nikola Jokic908210101969
2. Joel Embiid52719201182401
3. Giannis Antetokounmpo0232626681375
4. Damian Lillard21323141567283
5. James Harden11510152162231
6. LeBron James05591837105
7. Chris Paul282331898
8. Kawhi Leonard1176102580
9. Luka Doncic003271228
10. Rudy Gobert01223826
11. Donovan Mitchell01102414
12. Stephen Curry00122513
13. Devin Booker0000333
Date: Apr 15, 2021

NBA MVP race list 2021

As of this writing 2021 NBA MVP race list looks like this:

Date: May 19, 2021

  • Nikola Jokic, Denver Nuggets
  • Joel Embiid, Philadelphia 76ers
  • Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors
  • Giannis Antetokuonmpo, Milwaukee Bucks
  • Chris Paul, Phoenix Suns
  • Julius Randle, New York Knicks
  • Devin Booker, Phoenix Suns
  • Luka Doncic, Dallas Mavericks
  • Donovan Mitchell, Utah Jazz
  • Jimmy Butler, Miami Heat 

Nikola Jokic Player Stats 2021

Three times NBA All-Star has amazing stats this season. He has CAREER-HIGH 50 Points versus Sacramento Kings.

Team: Denver Nuggets, Position: C, Jersey: 15, Exp: 6th season, Age: 26 Ht: 7′ 0″, Wt: 284 lbs, College: None, Salary: $29,542,010

Nikola Jokic stats for NBA season 2020 – 2021: Points 26.4, Rebounds 10.8, Assist 8.3, Steals 1.3, Blocks 0.7, PER 31.36 – First in the league! Field Goal percentage 56.6, Three-point percentage 38.8, Free throw percentage 86.8. Just amazing stats!

Who won NBA MVP 2020

In the last season, Giannis Antetokuonmpo won the MVP getting 85 first-place votes and totaling 962 MVP points. LeBron James came in second with 15 first-place votes and 753 points.

The MVP top 5 list for year 2020:

  1. Giannis Antetokuonmpo, Milwaukee Bucks: 962 pts
  2. LeBron James, LA Lakers: 753 pts
  3. James Harden, Houston Rockets: 367 pts
  4. Luca Doncic, Dallas Mavericks: 200 pts
  5. Kawhi Leonard, LA Clippers: 168 pts


  • 2020-21 – Nikola Jokic, Denver Nuggets
  • 2019-20 – Giannis Antetokounmpo, Milwaukee Bucks
  • 2018-19 – Giannis Antetokounmpo, Milwaukee Bucks
  • 2017-18 – James Harden, Houston Rockets
  • 2016-17 – Russell Westbrook, Oklahoma City Thunder
  • 2015-16 – Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors
  • 2014-15 – Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors
  • 2013-14 – Kevin Durant, Oklahoma City Thunder
  • 2012-13 – LeBron James, Miami Heat
  • 2011-12 – LeBron James, Miami Heat
  • 2010-11 – Derrick Rose, Chicago Bulls
  • 2009-10 – LeBron James, Cleveland Cavaliers
  • 2008-09 – LeBron James, Cleveland Cavaliers
  • 2007-08 – Kobe Bryant, Los Angeles Lakers
  • 2006-07 – Dirk Nowitzki, Dallas Mavericks
  • 2005-06 – Steve Nash, Phoenix Suns
  • 2004-05 – Steve Nash, Phoenix Suns
  • 2003-04 – Kevin Garnett, Minnesota Timberwolves
  • 2002-03 – Tim Duncan, San Antonio Spurs
  • 2001-02 – Tim Duncan, San Antonio Spurs
  • 2000-01 – Allen Iverson, Philadelphia 76ers
  • 1999-00 – Shaquille O’Neal, Los Aneles Lakers
  • 1998-99 – Karl Malone, Utah Jazz
  • 1997-98 – Michael Jordan, Chicago Bulls
  • 1996-97 – Karl Malone, Utah Jazz
  • 1995-96 – Michael Jordan, Chicago Bulls

CAREER-HIGH 50 Points For Nikola Jokic

The Sixth Man trophy goes to …

Utah Jazz’s Jordan Clarkson wins the 2021 NBA Sixth Man of the Year award.

NBA Most Improved Player Award goes to …

New York Knicks power forward Julius Randle wins the 2021 NBA Most Improved Player award. Well deserved!

Twyman-Stokes Teammate of the Year award goes to …

Damian Lillard wins 2020-2021 Twyman-Stokes Teammate of the Year award.

Defensive Player of the Year Award goes to …

Rudy Gobert wins the 2021 Defensive Player of the Year Award for the third time.

Dark season 4? (Netflix)

Will there be Dark season 4 Netflix series?

Popular German sci-fi series Dark was always meant to be a trilogy. Well you never know, this show is so popular it wouldn’t surprise me if they make the 4th season. There is a lot of material for season 4 of Dark and I wouldn’t mind it all.

But everything about the Dark series revolves around the number 3, three time periods at the beginning and three worlds in the end.

Plus, Baran bo Odar, one of the show’s co-creators announced on Instagram back in May 2019 about a Dark future.

Baran bo Odar stated: “And it‘s official! We are working on Dark Season 3. It is the final cycle of this great journey.”

Also, Odar and his co-creator Jantje Friese announced the following:.

 “We will offer answers to the questions that our viewers have been asking and help untangle the story through time.

“It will be hard for us to walk away from those characters we have really grown fond of, but the beginning is the end, and the end is the beginning.”

Well that was back in 2019, I still believe/hoping there will be a Dark season 4 in near future, fingers crossed.

Dark Season 3 Family Tree, Who is Who?

I know it is quite confusing to catch up who is who on Dark.

Here below is the image/map explaining all important relationships in season 1, 2 and season 3.

Dark relationships in season 1, 2 and season 3.

Image Source: DecodeMovies

Netflix Series DARK Season 3 ending explained

Want the Netflix series Dark season 3 ending explained? Heaven Horror got you covered. Heaven Horror been huge fans of the series from the very beginning and simply devoured the final season when they received screeners for all episodes in season 3.

Already before the final season of this brilliant German sci-fi series was released on Netflix, they knew there would be questions. Since its release, Heaven Horror seen even more questions than they anticipated regarding the Dark season 3 ending and plot.

For more info go to the article source: Heaven Horror

DARK Season 3 Ending Explained (Full Season Breakdown)

Aleksej Pokusevski Girlfriend

Aleksej Pokusevski is a basketball player who plays for the NBA team Oklahoma City Thunder. Plays power forward position and stands 7 feet in height and weighing 190 pounds. Only 19 years of age with the huge potentials of becoming a future NBA All-Star player.

Born in Belgrade, Serbia, Pokuševski played for the Greek club, Olympiacos Piraeus in his early basketball years where he met his girlfriend Ioanna and they’ve been dating since.

Who is Aleksej Pokusevski Girlfriend

Aleksej Pokusevski girlfriend Ioanna Laou (Greek Ιωάννα Λάου)

Aleksej Pokusevski girlfriend is beautiful Greek Laou Ioanna (Greek Ιωάννα Λάου)

Telling by her Instagram profile, Ioanna is a big believer, she is from Athens, Greece, she studies Political Science and enjoys traveling and beaches.

Pokushevski followed the draft with the family, and with him was his girlfriend, an attractive Greek woman, Ioanna Laou, who also posted a greeting on her Instagram profile.

Ioanna wrote: My man succeeded and was drafted from 17th place. I love you with all my heart, your dream has just begun.

Aleksej Pokusevski girlfriend pictures

See it for yourself the Greek beauty who is dating Pokusevski:

Aleksej Pokusevski Stats

Aleksej Pokusevski had the best night vs Charlotte Hornets since he joined NBA as a rookie this 20/21 season, He scored for OKC Thunder 25 points, 9 rebounds, 4 assist with the seven made three-pointers a career-high. And the last game of the season against the LA Clippers he shows all of his potential scoring season-high 29 points, 8 rebounds, 2 assist with the six made three-pointers.

Pokusevski Stats for the 2020- 2021 NBA rookie season

  • Points 8.2
  • Rebounds 4.7
  • Assits 2.2
  • 3P% 28.0
  • FG% 34.1
  • FT% 73.8
  • PER 6.18

Why Pokusevski is gonna make NBA ALL-Stars team!

He’s like a quicker, more athletic Nikola Jokic and Dirk Nowitzki, but I think he will become more like Kevin Durant in the years to come. The thing that stands out the most to me surprisingly is his shiftiness with the dribble and understanding of how to attack what defenses give him. Poku is gonna be a problem for any big players trying to guard him. The one-footed jumpers off the dribble that is just amazing, nice court vision too. Obviously, he’s tall and can shoot but he actually plays more like a guard. He really can pass the ball reminds me of his countryman Nikola Jokic. His three-point shot is getting better each day. Poku when you watch his game he plays so casually meanwhile destroying everyone while being so casual. The kid just turned 19 years!

Aleksej Pokusevski potentials are unlimited. Poku is just an all-around basketball player who happens to be 7 feet tall.

If he gets his weight up and becomes more skilled in the post he will be extremely hard to guard.

Thumbs up for OKC organization for allowing him to come to the NBA league right away and gain the necessary NBA experience instead of holding off for a year. The experience he’s getting now will put him ahead of the curb so he’ll come back much better next year than expected. 

 Me on Pokusevski:
"Poku plays so casually, like playing street basketball, meanwhile destroying everyone while being so casual." 

Poku Career Highlights And Awards

  • 2017 Jordan Brand Classic 

He played for Serbian national team in 2018 FIBA Under-17 World Cup, in Argentina. and in 2019 FIBA Under-18 European Championship, in Volos, Greece.

Is Pokusevski NBA unicorn? Well time will tell, meanwhile i’m rooting for him.

Aleksej Pokusevski 25 pts 7 threes 4 asts vs Hornets 20/21 season

Aleksej Pokusevski – The Unicorn For The Oklahoma City Thunder

Jamf Daemon on Mac, How to uninstall it

Here is what I did to remove/uninstall Jamf Daemon from the Mac. My Macbook pro starts to overheat after only five minutes of any work, so I did a little digging. Naturally, I Google-searched for a solution.

First I tried to establish what is taking my Mac CPU usage and I find-out in Activity Monitor that the Jamf Daemon was responsible for the high CPU usage, and unfortunately I could not kill this process. To find Activity Monitor on a Mac, go to your Applications folder > Utilities folder, and then double-click the Activity Monitor icon.

After more digging, I found you can uninstall/remove Jamf Daemon using Mac’s Terminal application. To find Terminal application on a Mac, go to your Applications folder > Utilities folder, and then double-click the Terminal icon.

How to remove Jamf Daemon on Mac

To remove all Jamf-related components run the following command on the Terminal application: Be sure to backup your computer with Time Machine before these steps below:

First, Change to “bin” directory/folder on your Terminal by typing

CD /usr/local/bin/

Once you are in the “bin” directory. Then type in:

sudo jamf removeFramework


Or change to this “sbin” directory/folder, if the first didn’t work, and do the same as above

First, Change to “sbin” directory/folder on your Terminal by typing

CD /usr/sbin/

Once you are in the “bin” directory. Then type in:

sudo jamf removeFramework


Double check in Activity Monitor to see if you were able to remove Jamf Daemon.

It worked for me!

SQLiteStudio Error on Mac

How to fix this installation error on Mac: “Can’t be opened because the identity of the developer cannot be confirmed.”

After I tried to open the SQLiteStudio installation file I got this error message: “Can’t be opened because the identity of the developer cannot be confirmed.”

I google-searched for a solution but whatever I found suggested I need to run recovery mode which is complicated and not that safe. You can easily make your Mac not working again.

But I found a much easier solution, and it is very simple!

This is how you can install SQLiteStudio 3.2.1 on Mac OS Catalina:

  1. Find the installation file called SQLiteStudio

2. On Mac keyboard select Control then Right Click on SQLiteStudio installation file and then select Open.

3. After that a new pop-up window is opened with this message: macOS cannot verify the developer of “SQLiteStudio”. Are you sure you want to open it?. This time is different than the one with an error. It has an Open option. Click on Open and voila, now you are able to install SQLiteStudio.

This is it! Now you can continue with a SQLiteStudio installation.

Good Luck!

Patti Page – Drina (Little Soldier Boy) Lyrics

Drina (Little Soldier Boy) song by Patti Page – Lyrics

Drina, little wooden soldier boy.
Playmate for your little drummer boy.
He’ll grow big and tall.
And leave you for a living doll.
He’ll be glad.
But you’ll never know it.
For if you could show it,
You’d be sad.

Drina, life is just a big parade.
Marching to a wedding serenade.
Lovers when in bloom, Become a happy bride and groom.
How they dance,
Full of gay romance,
While wooden hearts are left without a chance.

Music, music, swinging and dancing.
Hopping to the polka band.
Hoopla, hoopla, happy is the bride,
When everybody kisses her hand.

Singing and dancing, drinking to the future.
Wishing happiness and joy. 
Someday, Drina, maybe you’ll be happy,
With another little drummer boy.

Lovers when in bloom,
Become a happy bride and groom.
How they dance, Full of gay romance,
While wooden hearts are left without a chance.

Music, music, swinging and dancing.
Hopping to the polka band.
Hoopla, hoopla, happy is the bride,
When everybody kisses her on the hand.

Singing and dancing, drinking to the future.
Wishing happiness and joy.
Someday, Drina, maybe you’ll be happy,
With another little drummer boy. 

Patti Page - Drina (Little Soldier Boy) Song photo

Drina (Little Soldier Boy). Lyrics by Vaughn Horton. Music by Stanislav Binicki. Copyright 1964 by Regent Music Corporation. Performed by Patti Page

Patti Page – Drina (Little Soldier Boy) also known as “Marš na Drinu”

FlightHub phone number, FlightHub flight cancellation info

This is from my personal experience with the Flighthub. For some reason, I couldn’t find the Flighthub phone number. It took me a while to find it and here it is:

Flighthub contact number

Call Toll Free 1-800900-1431.

Call Us toll-free 24/7 1-800900-1431.

First I tried at their site “Our Support Hub Page” this link and so many other pages but no luck. I’m not sure why is that, but my guess is since the COVID-19 outbreak a lot of people are trying to reach Flighthub in order to speak to Flighthub representatives regarding their flights, holidays, flight cancellation, airfares, etc.

Most likely they are getting tons of calls a day and they just decided not to share phone numbers at the website.

I called regarding a COVID-19 flight cancellation and took me a while to speak to the Flighthub representative.

Here is a part of the itinerary:

“The airline has issued a travel advisory for your booking. Please click here to check cancellation options due to the major changes to your itinerary. If you are still willing to retain your flight and would like to explore other options available to you, please click here.”

Itinerary on the website

There are two options:

You have two options for canceling your booking

  1. Refund (RECOMMENDED). You can cancel your airfare flight with a full refund and that depends on which company you are flying with, minus $35 a handling fee for each ticket. “You may be entitled to a refund. Some airlines are allowing tickets to be refunded even if you purchased non-refundable tickets due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Refunds are only available for un-flown flights. When you request a refund with us, we will cancel your booking and will handle fulfilling your request with the airline on your behalf. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, it could take up to 18 weeks to receive a refund to the original form of payment you used when you purchased the itinerary. Please note that not all airlines are offering refunds.”
  2. Future Travel Credit (NOT RECOMMENDED). “Most airlines are waiving their penalty fees to cancel your flight and receive travel credits. This allows you to cancel now and book new flights at a later date once you are ready to travel again. New flights must be within the airline’s requirements, which usually consist of a rebooking deadline or travel-must-commence-by date. These are typically 1 year after the date of purchase, but could be extended due to COVID-19 outbreak.”

Photo of canceling your booking options

Canceling your booking options

UPDATED: I was able to get a full refund after 6-7 weeks, it took some time on the phone but I got the full refund. Kudos to them at least I got my money back.

Call back request

You can request a call back from the FlightHub which I did more than five times and they never called me. Giving them a call is a much better option.

Here is what it states on the website
“You may complete the callback request form below. One of our schedule change specialists will contact you in the next 24 hours with other available options.”

Call back request Form screenshot

To request a callback from the FlightHub form, It never worked for me, check it out below!

Call back request Form

Flighthub contact number

Call Toll Free 1-800900-1431.

Call Us toll-free 24/7 1-800900-1431.

Maserati MC12 Concept

The new Maserati MC12 is a super car made by Maserati that appear in the Asphalt series. The MC12 and the Ferrari Enzo share the similar chassis and engine. The new MC12 is a limited manufacture two-seater sport car produced by Italian car producer Maserati to permit a racing alternative to compete in the FIA GT Championship.

Exterior and Interior

The body of the car, prepared entirely of carbon fibre, under went widespread wind tunnel test to achieve utmost downforce crossways all surfaces. Consequently, the back spoiler is two meters (79 in) extensive but simply 30 millimetres (1.2 inch) thick, the underside of the automobile is smooth, and the back bumper has diffuser to take benefit of ground effect.

The cabin boasts a simply removable top, which instantaneously convert the new Maserati MC12  from a coupe to a spider. The cabin itself is the essence of elegance as well as sportiness. It is easy and understated, typical of an tremendous car yet also display the meticulous care as well as finish that have turn into a classic Trident signature. There is outstanding harmony among the high tech-effect carbon feature, the perforated leather trim in addition to the striking yet high-grip hard technical fabric too.


Engine and Mileage of Maserati MC12

The new Maserati MC12  sports a 232 kilogram 5,998 cc (366 cu in) Enzo Ferrari-derived V12 engine, mount at 65°. Each cylinder has four valve, lubricated through a dry sump system, and a compression proportion of 11.2:1. These combine to offer a utmost torque of 652 newton meter (481 lbf·ft) at 5500 rpm as well as a maximum power of 630 PS (460 kW; 620 hp) at 7500 rpm. The redline rpm is indicate at 7500—in spite of being safe up to 7700—while the Enzo has its redline at 8200 rpm.


Release date and Price of Maserati MC12

Price is about £560,000 including VAT; manufacture run limited to 50.

What made the Ferrari enzo extraordinary was that its power plant had an extra 27 horsepower as well as four pound-feet of twist to play with. In spite of its awkward look and being overshadowed by the Ferrari Enzo, the Maserati MC12 remnants one of the most powerful super cars of the mid-2000s. It blend both Maserati’s early race heritage and high-quality crafts manship, and that is what made new Maserati MC12  ideal in the eyes of Maserati enthusiast and super car collectors.


One of its Kind: Maserati MC12: Video

2017 GMC Sierra Denali Ultimate Truck

General Motors have always been in act of introducing promising vehicles, this time the American manufacturer has revealed the new 2017 GMC Sierra Denali Ultimate which they say is one of the greatest truck ever released from GMC. The truck was exposed in the LA Auto Show and was extremely appreciated for its provisions and features. The Company stated that they named the truck after the term of ‘Mount Denali’ the uppermost peak in North America.


Exterior and Interior

The 2017 GMC Sierra Denali Ultimate has distinct chrome grille, in addition the truck has 22-inch aluminum wheel with accent painted. It is said that the new Sierra 2017 would be accessible in six diverse shades. The truck will have chrome fog lamp bezel furnished with a refined shimmery exhaust tip and a spray-on bed liner. The interior also features heated and aerated leather front seating. The sill plates and mats are adorned with Denali logo.


The new Sierra Denali Ultimate is mixed up with new body-color bumper, chrome exhaust tip; the trim is extremely adorned with the stainless steel exhaust. The car is marked with three dimensional Denali symbol. There is an elevation in the front featuring the ethos of Denali as this time it has its face lifted. The truck also comprises LED headlamp and tail lamp. The new Denali is supposed to have a four wheel drive as well as the navigation wheel is wrapped with ironic leather cover.

Engine and Mileage of 2017 GMC Sierra Denali Ultimate


The truck 2017 GMC Sierra Denali Ultimate comes furnished with a 6.2 liter V-8 engine with automatic broadcast. There must be few customers who would not go for 420hp and 460 pound feet of torque. The engineering specification has not been revealed yet however as always it has been wired with the advanced technology. It could prove to be the greatest truck in any given state that would go to be to every truck lovers expectation.

Release date and Price of 2017 GMC Sierra Denali Ultimate

The US company is yet to disclose value and release date however as per the latest news it might be around $60,000.


Decked out with just around every option as well as feature possible, the new Sierra Denali competes with Mercedes, BMW as well as Cadillac in terms of apparatus and amenities. The new 2017 GMC Sierra Denali Ultimate is worth every cent and promises to provide the smoothest and the most exciting ride one could dream of.

NEW 2017 GMC Sierra Denali 1500 ULTIMATE Full Review /Start Up /Exhaust: Video