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4 tips for the perfect everyday smartphone photo

4 tips for the perfect everyday smartphone photo

When collaborating on the X80 Pro model with vivo and ZEISS, a global leader in optics and optoelectronics, the main goal was to provide its users with top-quality shots and a perfect shooting experience. In order to make everyday moments special, vivo presents four easy tips that will bring every photo and recording to perfection.

1. HDR

The full potential of the main lens can be seen in how well it handles low light, especially using HDR to balance bright lights in otherwise dark scenes. HDR, or High Dynamic Range, extracts details from the darkest and brightest parts of your image and creates a better overall color balance. It is particularly suitable for landscapes and portraits, especially when there is a wide range between the darkest and lightest parts of your photo. There’s also a ZEISS T* coating that, combined with the X80 Pro’s rear camera, keeps night scene performance top-notch. ZEISS T* coating also improves light transmission and helps reduce reflections.

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2. Color profiles

The camera’s features are best seen when you challenge it with vibrant colors and dynamic environments. That’s why vivo provides its users with two color profiles – a vivid color profile and a neutral profile. The standard AI profile gives colors a higher level of brightness and saturation, while the ZEISS Natural Color profile improves color fidelity and facilitates color and brightness changes during shooting.

The ZEISS Natural Color profile enables the vivo X80 Pro to reproduce natural colors and automatically optimize both accurate exposure and white balance, allowing users to capture a scene on their devices that is true to what they see in front of them.

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3. Artificial intelligence

Thanks to the developed AI software, the camera can identify many different scenes and subjects and then intelligently adjust the parameters to create more beautiful effects and colors.


4. Advanced camera options

Thanks to the camera panning function, the vivo X80 Pro enables exceptional shooting of moving subjects by combining subject motion tracking technology, human background segmentation technology and intelligent background bokeh technology. By tracking the movement of your subject during exposure, you can create dynamic yet stable shots. Thanks to the X80 Pro’s 50mm Gimbal Portrait Camera, users can capture visually striking portraits with a clear subject and background rendered in linear motion blur.

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The companies vivo and ZEISS encourage users to, in addition to the standard modes for video and photography, explore the added functions of their vivo X80 Pro devices and make seemingly everyday moments memorable.