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Ricochet’s sequence highlights her canine-assisted surf therapy, healing power and emotional support for a boy with special needs & a veteran with PTSD.

The World Premiere of Superpower Dogs, an inspiring true story of extraordinary dogs and their life-saving superpowers, opens on March 9th at the California Science Center, 700 Exposition Park Dr, Los Angeles, CA. It starts at 11am with a red carpet, followed by the screening and a reception.

The following week on March 15th, the film opens worldwide at IMAX, giant screen and digital cinemas in museums, science centers and other cultural institutions worldwide. Theater listings can be found on the Superpower Dogs website.

Ricochet is also hosting a private screening at the Fleet Science Center, 1875 El Prado, San Diego, CA on March 14th. Light fare cuisine will be provided by Bread and Cheese Catering.
Ricochet, a registered and certified goal-directed therapy dog is one of five dogs in the film. The other four include Henry, an avalanche rescue dog, Reef, a water rescue dog, Halo, a search and rescue dog and Tipper/Tony who sniff out poachers in South Africa. All these dogs rescue individuals in physical trauma. Ricochet, on the other paw, rescues people from emotional trauma, such as PTSD.

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Every 65 minutes a veteran with PTSD takes their life by suicide! “It is because of these staggering statistics that Ricochet is participating in the film”, said Judy Fridono, Ricochet’s guardian. Her hope is that more light will be shed on our military war heroes who are suffering in silence, and how dogs can help in their recovery.

The film takes you on a journey around the globe with narrator, Chris Evans (Captain America) as he introduces you to these remarkable dogs. 3D cameras and computer graphics were utilized so audiences can experience the world through the eyes, ears, and nose of a dog.

All the “extras” on set were kids, families and the water team that have been on Ricochet’s journey since the beginning.
Ricochet’s sequence will showcase how she balances boards… and lives! It focuses on her ability to enrich the well-being of veterans with PTSD and children with special needs through the healing power of the ocean, and the healing power of a dog.

10 years ago, Ricochet became the first-ever canine assisted surf therapy dog because she made an independent decision to jump on the surfboard of Patrick Ivison, a 14 year old boy who is quadriplegic (he makes a cameo in the film). Since then, she has surfed with hundreds and hundreds of kids with special needs, people with disabilities, wounded warriors & veterans with PTSD.

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Although surfing has been at the forefront of Ricochet’s work, it’s not just the act of surfing that makes her interactions so life changing. It’s her powerful ability to make immediate soul-to-soul connections with the individuals she interacts with.
As Griff and Logan interact, it becomes clear how much more alike they are than different. This young boy and this marine… held hostage by their inner turmoil. They both battle an invisible challenge. Movie goers will see the subtle and not so subtle behaviors Ricochet uses to communicate Griff’s physical or emotional distress. This interaction helps Griff identify deep seated emotional trauma that he describes as Ricochet’s soul vision.

Because the filmmakers were able to capture raw emotion from Griff, and corresponding behaviors from Ricochet, you’ll be able to see how she acted like a mirror, reflecting back his feelings, while exhibiting empathy and intuition. This is how she detects and alerts to his triggers, anxiety and stress. You’ll also see how she took responsibility for Griff, and prevented him from going in to situations that were overwhelming for him. She was able to avert panic attacks, melt downs and other anxiety provoking behavior.

Ricochet and Griff met through a six-week canine therapy clinic provided by Paws’itive Teams, and Naval Medical Center San Diego’s Wounded, Ill and Injured Wellness Program.
After the clinic ended, Griff volunteered for Ricochet’s Waves of Empowerment program, an initiative that connects veterans and kids through the challenges they face… taking them from the battleground to the playground.

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Each veteran becomes a mentor, and is paired one-on-one with a child for a day of canine-assisted surf therapy and emotional healing. It has been found that being of service to another individual provides a sense of self-worth. To that end, Griff gains new purpose by mentoring and encouraging Logan to overcome his fears of the ocean by surfing with Ricochet. Logan also benefits by gaining his own personal military hero, and he becomes more confident, social and of course, empowered!

“I just hope Ricochet’s sequence will be the catalyst that gives hope to veterans with PTSD who are suffering in silence or contemplating suicide, as well as anyone else who is faced with emotional, physical or cognitive challenges”, said Fridono.

Fridono believes all dogs have these healing powers. Unfortunately, we often misinterpret their cues as bad behavior. In doing so, we miss the magic every dog is capable of. Her hope is that others will gain a better understanding of the sentience of dogs, and how they are always communicating with us… we just have to listen.

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