The actor who is supposed to play Snake gave a brief commentary on the Metal Gear movie

Oscar Isaac briefly told IGN that a story is still being sought for a film adaptation of Metal Gear Solid in which he should play Snake.

Actor Oscar Isaac these days it is back in focus thanks to the new Disney series Moon Knight. At the premiere of the series in question, IGN caught him with a question what happens to the movie Metal Gear Solidin which Isaac is supposed to play the protagonist Solid Snake.

Isaac gave a short answer from which it can be concluded that he has not yet put a bandana on his head.

“We search, we search like Solid Snake. We climb through the ventilation space, looking for a story. ”

The film adaptation of Metal Gear has been in preparation for years and the director has been known for a long time (Jordan Vogt-Roberts). Vogt-Roberts himself pointed out on several occasions how struggles with shifting the active video game experience to the passive movie experience, arguing that Metal Gear cannot simply be translated into film form. The creator of the series Hideo Kojima is also involved in the development of the film, but as a consultant without a directorial role.

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source: gamesradar

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