Sex Education Season 3 Netflix cast five people

Sex Education Season 3 Netflix Release Date, Cast, Trailer

The world-popular Netflix tv show Sex Education shows a group of teenagers who encounter biological and sexual changes during puberty, discovering different sexual orientations, but also instincts.

One of the main characters, Otis Milburn, received an interesting characterization in the first two seasons, that is, a sex therapist for emotional and horny teenagers, in the third season, he actually reveals himself.

Sex Education Season 3 Netflix cast three people
Sex Education Season 3 Netflix (Photo source Newsweek)

“Thanks to his friend Ruby, Otis really started to discover and develop himself. He started to discover a side of himself that we haven’t had a chance to see in the show so far,” says the actor who plays Otis.

Although the third season of this popular show will contain elements of comedy, it will also address some of the life problems that young people encounter during adolescence, says actress Mimi Keane, who plays Ruby.

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“We are really trying to get rid of prejudices about sex and the problems that young people encounter during their teenage years. Basically, the third season is accepting yourself, accepting your own self that is in your skin,” the actress said.

Sex Education Season 3 Netflix three people in school
Sex Education Season 3 (Photo source IndieWire)

Sex Education Season 3 Plot

The shots of the series show a lot of intimate scenes between the actors, however, as they say, that is the least problem for them because they have learned to cooperate in a friendly way during this time.

Although the entire show revolves around teenage dramas and problems, the third season of “Sex Education” for adults, for example for Otis’ mother (Gillian Anderson as Jean Milburn), will also be about facing her own moral dilemmas.

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“Whether you are a teenager or an adult, the third season of this British series will show that adults are just as confused as teenagers,” concludes actor Asa Butterfield, who plays Otis Milburn.

Sex Education Season 3 Netflix cast five people
Sex Education Season 3 Cast (Photo source LADbible)

Sex Education Cast

  • Asa Butterfield as Otis Milburn
  • Gillian Anderson as Jean Milburn
  • Ncuti Gatwa as Eric Effiong
  • Emma Mackey as Maeve Wiley
  • Connor Swindells as Adam Groff
  • Kedar Williams-Stirling as Jackson Marchetti
  • Aimee Lou Wood as Aimee Gibbs
  • Alistair Petrie as Michael Groff
  • Tanya Reynolds as Lily Iglehart
  • Patricia Allison as Ola Nyman
  • Mikael Persbrandt as Jakob Nyman
  • Jim Howick as Colin Hendricks
  • Mimi Keene as Ruby Matthews
  • Chaneil Kular as Anwar and more…
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Sex Education Season 3 has new cast additions

Jason Isaacs (Harry Potter and Star Trek: Discovery‘) has been cast as Peter Groff

Jemima Kirke (Girls star) has been cast as ‘Hope’ after Mr. Groff was booted out.

Dua Saleh, a gender-non-conforming songwriter and recording artist will play Cal.

When will Sex Education season 3 be released?

The third season of Netflix’s drama “Sex Education” Season 3 will premiere this Friday, September 17th.

Sex Education | Season 3 | Trailer 2 | Netflix

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