Lips feminist social network

“Lips” new feminist social network like the old Tumblr

Like the old Tumblr a new”Lips” feminist social network that promotes everything that is forbidden or NSFW.

Lips is a new portal launched by developer Annie Brown and serves as a replacement for old content from Tumblr.

In 2018, Tumblr banned adult content, and after three years, many users of this social media received a replacement and a new portal, on which they will be able to post NSFW photos, gifs, and stories.

Programmer Annie Brown made Lips social network to fight the cis-male perspective on pleasure, she stated.

Annie Brown - Founder - Lips
Annie Brown – Founder – Lips (Photo source: Maxim)

“I realized that Lips could be a digital platform in an area that really needs an alternative perspective,” Annie Brown said.

She created a feminist social media where sexual content that is not censored and not violent is promoted. You can also post content on the platform yourself, whether it is erotic comics, pictures, and drawings, or just sexy selfies.

Lips feminist social network
Lips social media (Photo source: Femtech Insider)

“Everyone is welcome, but we focus on sex workers, the LGBTQ + community, non-white creators, and anti-racism activists. Positive reactions have shown that such a space was really needed. It is an internet platform without abuse, violence, censorship, plagiarism “says Brown.

Lips social network was launched in January this year, and in the first month, they had 10,000 users without any marketing. Six months later, the number has doubled.

Numerous users came because other social networks often censor erotica and porn art. You must be 17 or older to use Lips social network.

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