The new iMac Pro still lacks a 27-inch mini LED screen

New iMac Pro still lacks a 27-inch mini LED screen

Apple is preparing several models that it will present over the next year, including by many, potentially the most interesting 27 ”iMac Pro. In the middle of this year, Apple slowly started to reduce shipments of iMac Pro models based on the Intel platform, because the decision was made to switch the hardware to its own M1 Pro and MAX solution in this demanding segment.

The new iMac Pro still lacks a 27-inch mini LED screen
New Apple iMac Pro (source: Apple)

New Apple iMac Pro 2022 specs

Even in design terms, the new M1 iMac Pro will bring some changes, like those made on MacBook Pro models. Although it was originally announced, the new iMac will not be equipped with new mini LED screens with dynamic adjustment of refresh rate between 24Hz and 120Hz. Instead, it will get a screen with a thinner housing and 30-40% more LEDs that will allow you to display a significantly brighter image. Processors with Intel x86 architecture have been replaced, and in-house M1 Pro and M1 MAX solutions should offer better performance. Since the new processors have a specific RAM solution, the iMac Pro will start with 16GB while in the maximum version it will offer 64GB of fast DDR5 memory and 512GB SSD memory.

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The new M1 iMacPro will offer more versatile PC connectivity options than the conventional M1 iMac, as it will be equipped with four Thunderbolt ports, a mandatory LAN connector and an SD memory card reader to fully meet the needs of professional creatives.

New iMac Pro 2022 back view
New Apple iMac Pro 2022 (source: Apple) 

In terms of appearance, it practically continues the M1 iMac line in style, but also uses a more diverse color scheme and changed the layout of the internal structure due to the use of a new cooling system that is in line with the needs of M1 Pro and MAX processors. The first iMac Pro models should hit the market in the first half of next year.

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New Apple iMac Pro 2022 release date

At the end of 2022, according to some rumors, Apple could launch a line of classic Mac Pro models based on M2 Pro and M2 MAX processors, which will also bring a new design to this line of computers. Until then, Apple will almost certainly launch at least one model based on the Intel Xeon W-3300 processor platform, so the transition to its own Apple workstation platform is more likely to take longer than in the case of portable and classic desktop Macs.

New Apple iMac Pro cost

New iMac‌ Pro with 16GB memory and a 512GB SSD, the price is expected to start at around $2,000.

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