Wednesday Addams Netflix Cast, Release Date, News

Oscar-winner Catherine Zeta-Jones was recently chosen to play the legendary Morticia Addams in the upcoming series “Wednesday” on Netflix.

Wednesday Netflix Cast

The “Chicago” actress Catherine Zeta-Jones will play in a series of eight episodes together with actors Jenna Ortega and Luis Guzman. Ortega will play Wednesday, and Guzman will play Gomez Adams, Morticia’s husband.

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The comedy with a touch of mystery will have a supernatural element because the viewers will follow the school days of Wednesday Adams while attending the “Nevermore” academy. As he attends classes, he will have to learn how to control his growing psychic abilities, as well as deal with a series of murders that have begun to terrorize the local city. In addition, she must solve a mystery from 25 years ago, in which her parents are involved.


The Wednesday tv show is signed by the creators of the “Smallville” series, Al Gough and Miles Millar, and will be directed by the king of Gothic fantasy, Tim Barton.

Wednesday Addams Netflix Release Date

As of this writing, the release date is not set yet, it should be out on Netflix in mid-2022.

Catherine Zeta-Jones Cast as Morticia Addams in Tim Burton’s Netflix Series ‘Wednesday’

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