Spencer: Kristen Stewart as Diana from the movie

“Spencer”: Princess Diana wants to end marriage to Prince Charles

Kristen Stewart picked up the praise of critics who have had the opportunity to watch the movie “Spencer” at festivals so far. The first trailer, which lasts only a minute, shows a short dialogue between Princess Diana (Kristen Stewart) and her confidante, and it is estimated that the official announcement will bring many more shots from this highly anticipated film, reports Indiewire.

Pablo Larino’s last directorial endeavor took place over a weekend while Diana was contemplating the end of her marriage to Prince Charles. “Spencer” debuted with great reviews at the Venice Film Festival, where Stewart instantly became a serious candidate for an Oscar nomination.

Spencer movie Plot

Spencer: Kristen Stewart as Diana from the movie
Spencer: Kristen Stewart as Diana (Photo source: Youtube)

The official synopsis of “Spencer” from Neon and Topic Studios reads:

December 1991: The marriage of the Prince and Princess of Wales has long since cooled. Although there are rumors about scandals and divorce, it was decided to “establish a truce” during the Christmas celebration on the Sandringham estate. There one eats and drinks shoots and hunts. Diana knows the game. This year things will be completely different. Spencer is an imagining of what might have happened during those few fateful days.

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IndieVire consultant Ann Thompson wrote that Kristen deserves an Oscar for this role.

Stewart draws us into the emotional turmoil of a young mother, who seeks solace from her two sons and her confidante (Sally Hawkins), who chooses her clothes for every occasion. After a long and famous career from “The Panic Room” by David Fincher and the successful series “Twilight”, to acclaimed art films such as “Personal Buyer” and “Clouds of Sils Maria” by Olivier Asais, Stewart was never nominated.

Stewart added that usually when she takes on a role, she believes in herself and repeats “that she can do it”, but when Larin offered her the role, she was not sure of herself.

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Spencer movie why is it called Spencer? The movie’s title, Spencer, references the late Princess of Wales’ maiden name Diana Frances Spencer.

Spencer: Kristen Stewart as Princess Diana
Spencer: Kristen Stewart as Princess Diana (Photo source: Deadline)

Spencer movie Cast

Starring Kristen Stewart, Jack Farthing, Sally Hawkins, Timothy Spall, Sean Harris

  • Kristen Stewart as Diana
  • Timothy Spall as Major Alistar Gregory
  • Jack Nielen as William
  • Freddie Spry as Harry
  • Jack Farthing as Charles
  • Sean Harris as Darren
  • Stella Gonet as The Queen
  • Richard Sammel as Prince Philip
  • Elizabeth Berrington as Princess Anne
  • Lore Stefanek as Queen Mother
  • Amy Manson as Anne Boleyn
  • Sally Hawkins as Maggie and more
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Release Date

“Spencer” movie arrives in cinemas in the United States on November 5, 2021

Spencer’s official trailer: Princess Diana is considering the end of her marriage to Prince Charles

SPENCER – Official Trailer – In Theaters November 5

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