Peaky Blinders Movie Release Date, Cast

Peaky Blinders creator Stephen Knight has confirmed that the hit BBC crime drama will conclude with a movie after the final season of the TV series. Knight recently said that the upcoming sixth series will be the last, but he said that “the story will continue in another form”. He has now confirmed to Deadline: “My plan from the beginning was to finish the Blinders with a film. That will happen,” he added. He explained that “Covid changed our plans”, but did not explain in what way.

The final season of popular BBC TV series resumed filming after being hit by production delays linked to Covid. Knight recently announced that the series would “come back with a bang” and warned fans that mobsters would face “extreme danger” in the Peaky Blinders season 6.

The production team has developed comprehensive safety protocols to ensure that the series is filmed responsibly and following government guidelines during the Covid 19 pandemic. Executive producer Caryn Mandabach said, “the safety of our cast and crew is always our priority” and that they ” worked diligently “on a safe return to production since filming stopped last March.

Cillian Murphy as Thomas “Tommy” Shelby

“Thank you to all the Peaky fans who were so unwaveringly supportive and patient,” she added. The Peaky Blinders series, starring Cillian Murphy, was the first broadcast on BBC Two eight years ago with high reviews from critics. The rating rose rapidly from over two million for the first season to over four million in season four and found further popularity on Netflix.

The fifth season switched to BBC One in 2019, garnering more than five million views. During the series, a number of awards followed, including the NTA, for which the public votes, and Bafta for the best drama series in 2018.

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Peaky Blinders series sequel we all eagerly await, and since this is the last season, there is no doubt that it will be spectacular. When we take into account everything we have seen through this series and everything that awaits us, we also believe that the movie version of the Peaky Blinders series will be unforgettable.

Cillian Murphy aka Thomas “Tommy” Shelby

Peaky Blinders Movie Release Date

Although it is still not clear when the film can be expected in the cinema, most likely at the end of 2021 or the beginning of 2022 year. it is something that should definitely be on the list of priorities in the months ahead, as a huge fan I can not wait for the movie.

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Peaky Blinders Movie Cast

Peaky Blinders Movie Cast

Is it expected the cast for the Peaky Blinders movie to be pretty much the same, and shows star Cillian Murphy aka Thomas “Tommy” Shelby will be back, and with some new addition we assume. We’ll keep you posted.


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