Telegram video call for up to 1,000 viewers

Telegram messenger released update allows 1,000 viewers in a video call

Telegram Group Video Calls 2.0 After a recent very extensive update for video calls and video sharing, Telegram messenger has introduced new enhancements, and one of the main ones is that there are 1,000 viewers in a group video call.

Although the number of participants in the video call is still up to 30, the company announced: “We will continue to increase this limit until all people on Earth join one group call and watch us celebrate it by iodizing,” it was jokingly announced in the company post announcing the new updates.

Telegram Messenger Group Video Calls 2.0

You can now send higher resolution videos with Telegram

A series of updates also improve the quality of video messages, allowing users to record and send higher resolution videos, and even play them in full screen. Touching a video in extended mode pauses it and then users can fast forward or rewind.

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Also, ordinary videos can be viewed at a speed of 0.5 or 2x faster. Screen sharing is now possible with audio for all video calls, including 1-on-1 calls.

Desktop apps also now have selective screen sharing, you can broadcast an individual window instead of the whole screen, this update also adds animated backgrounds, message sending animations, a new menu button for bots.

It is pointed out that it will also allow the sound from the device to continue to be played even during the recording of video messages. “The sound from your device will continue to play while you record, so you can now sing along to your favorite songs or respond without pausing the podcast,” Telegram said.

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Telegram’s Schedule Message

Telegram’s Schedule Message

Telegram has also introduced Schedule Message, so users can now copy a post in a message and share a specific moment in another chat.

In addition, Telegram is moving towards the automatic deletion of information. “Messages in any chat can be set to be deleted after 1 day or 1 week – and now 1 month,” the message said. The messaging platform has also added a password recovery option that does not rely on an email account.

Telegram messenger is a free download for iPhone and iPad from the App Store and Telegram for Android Apps on Google Play

Telegram Group Video Call Capacity Upgraded to 1,000 Viewers

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