Instagram for desktop finally gets the ability to add new photos and videos

Instagram for desktop finally gets the ability to add new photos and videos

Instagram this week gets a ton of new features, and among them is finally the ability to add new photos and videos to the Instagram desktop. Although until now it was possible to log in to Instagram on your Mac or Windows desktop from your favorite browser Chrome, Firefox, Edge etc. and view the content, a mobile device was needed to upload posts with photos and videos.

Instagram for desktop functions

Instagram got the ability to upload posts via desktop browsers on October 21st. The same limits that currently exist in the app will apply to this version as well, so users will be able to combine photos and videos of less than 60 seconds in length.

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Instagram app on smartphone
Instagram app on smartphone (source: unsplash)

Although Instagram is mostly used on phones, access to the same features from the desktop has been a frequently sought-after feature over the years. Since businesses and professional content creators rely on Instagram for publicity, the ability to edit photos and videos in computer applications and then publish them will be a useful upgrade.

Meanwhile, for those who still use the app, Instagram is also adding some new collaboration features. Instagram Collabs will allow two users to effectively co-author posts and Reels. Building on your existing tagging system, you will now be able to invite someone to share the post with you.

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Assuming you accept that invitation, the resulting photos and videos will be visible on both people’s timeline so their audience can see them. Likes, views and comments will also be synced from both timelines.

In the meantime, new fundraising options will be added to the posts. Pressing the “+” button will display a new non-profit option, which you can add to raise money for charity.

Instagram is also adding new Reels effects that display things like 3D lyrics that are synchronized with the music and other special effects related to the background.

Instagram for desktop finally gets the ability to add new photos and videos
Instagram Logo (source: Instagram)

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