How long is a hockey game

How long is a hockey game

Do you know how long a hockey game lasts?

When we talk about winter sports and their popularity, hockey is one of the most popular winter sports. In countries like Russia and Canada, hockey enjoys high ratings and is a favorite among fans. If you’re interested in this wonderful game on ice, you’re probably interested in everything about it, including how long a hockey game lasts.

You will learn about the duration of the game and other details of hockey in this article. Namely, a hockey game consists of three thirds, and each third lasts 20 minutes. As you can see, while most team sports have playing time divided into halves or quarters, hockey is an exception. Also, the time of a hockey game only runs while the puck is in play, and stops when it is out of play. So, the answer to the question how long a hockey game lasts is 60 minutes. However, in some cases, it may take longer, and that is if there have been extensions. Read more about this in the next chapter.

How long does a hockey game last in case of overtime

We explained in the previous chapter how long a hockey game lasts. However, after those 60 minutes, the match does not necessarily have to end. There is a situation in which the game will continue, and that is if after the regular 60 minutes the result remained equal. In that case, overtime is played. If you are interested in how long a hockey game lasts in case of overtime, the answer is five minutes. If the winner is not known even after 5 minutes of extra time, penalties are taken to decide the winner. Penalties are shot in such a way that one player leads the puck and moves forward all the time, while the goalkeeper defends on goal.

How long is a hockey game
How long is a hockey game (source: Pinterest)

He can shoot a goal at any time in this forward movement. In case he scores a goal, the penalty is considered successful, while in case the goalkeeper defends the goal, the penalty is considered unsuccessful. If you are interested in more information about ice hockey and its rules, feel free to visit the official website of the strongest hockey league in the NHL.

Do you know how long a field hockey game lasts?

Now you know how long an ice hockey game lasts. We first treated ice hockey because it is the most popular version of hockey in the world. However, there is also field hockey that has its own exciting details and people love to follow it. If you are interested how long a hockey game lasts on the grass, below we will answer that question.

A field hockey game, unlike ice hockey, does not have three thirds but consists of two halves. Each half lasts 35 minutes, and the break between them is 5 minutes. Such a range of time in field hockey is the most common, however, there are some differences depending on the hockey federation and the format of the competition itself. Thus, the international hockey matches that have been played since 2014 were divided into four periods, each lasting 15 minutes. However, in 2018, the federation passed a rule that 15-minute quarters would be universal, while in England, for example, a game lasts four quarters of 17 and a half minutes.

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