Activated carbon - what it is, how and when it is used

Activated carbon what it is, how and when it is used

Do you know what activated carbon is and what it is used for?

For active carbon you have probably already heard and are surely wondering what all its functions are and how it can help you in everyday life. Some use it to whiten teeth and others use it to remove toxins from the body. But let’s go in order. Who discovered activated carbon and when? This wonderful chemical has been used for thousands of years. There are findings that in World War I, coal was used in gas masks to keep soldiers from being poisoned. Its most important role is certainly in medicine. Its main and certainly most important property is the removal of toxins from the body. It has the ability to absorb toxins. If you want to test its power, try to get it into your body after you have had a few more cups and you are not feeling well. You will see how much this type of charcoal will help you by binding all the bad substances from alcohol to yourself. This compound in tablet form can be found in almost every pharmacy.

Activated carbon - what it is, how and when it is used
How to use activated carbon (source: Pinterest)


How to use activated carbon?

Activated, ie medical charcoal has a primary function in releasing toxins from the body in situations when it is needed. More precisely, active carbon due to its chemical composition it prevents the gastrointestinal absorption of various toxins and drugs. By doing so, it prevents unwanted toxins from entering our bloodstream and causing unwanted consequences. Specifically, activated carbon serves to save in case of overdose of drugs such as aspirin, cocaine, morphine, opium and acetaminophen, then in pesticide toxins, lead poisoning, Mercury and various other toxins. If you are interested in how to use it properly, it is very important to know that it needs to be ingested within the first hour of consumption. However, some toxins cannot be expelled from the body by charcoal. Thus it is not effective for substances like alcohol, cyanide, iron and lithium, and some acids. It is useful to have medical charcoal on hand because if you find yourself in a situation where someone has been poisoned. Your quick reaction can literally make the difference between life and death, so we definitely advise that you always have medical charcoal on hand.

How to use activated carbon against insect bites

Insect stings are not pleasant at all, and bee stings can even be deadly if you have an allergic reaction. If you have suffered a sting, apply a warm compress and some activated charcoal and cornstarch to the place where the insect stung you. The warm coating and starch will enable faster absorption of activated carbon and thus its faster action. Such warm compresses that contain active carbon they can help even with the bites of deadly animals like the black widow. Of course, in each of these cases it is necessary to contact a doctor. However, in such cases it does not hurt to have activated charcoal with you and apply it immediately after the sting and bite, whether it is a snake, spider, insect, etc. In any case, something like that will not bother you and can potentially save your life. You can get this wonderful medical compound at the pharmacy, so you don’t need to procrastinate, but get the amount you think you need right away!

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source: sciencedirect

What Activated Charcoal Actually Does To Your Body | The Human Body


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