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Thrombophlebitis – cause, symptoms, treatment

Do you know what Thrombophlebitis is?

Preserving health should be at the top of every person’s priority. If our health is not preserved, we cannot do all the other things that are important to us in life. Comparatively and subordinate to the previously mentioned is also the aesthetic appearance. There are certain health disorders that affect both the mentioned factors: the individual’s health as well as his aesthetic appearance. It’s such a disorder thrombophlebitis. What is it about? It is an acute and local inflammation that affects the outer wall of the vein as well as the surrounding connective tissue and leads to the appearance of a thrombus or clot. This clot leads to gradual clogging of the veins. This phenomenon manifests itself in the form of redness and hardening on the surface that is affected by the disease, and the area is extremely painful. Thrombophlebitis is in most cases associated with deep vein thrombosis, and it is most often necessary to perform examinations using the color doppler technique in order to locate the clot. Understanding the cause of this disease is key to its further treatment.

What are the symptoms of thrombophlebitis?

After we have explained what causes thrombophlebitis, it is worth analyzing its clinical picture, i.e. symptoms, below. This disease manifests itself in the following way: patients feel an acute and painful area of ​​the superficial venous trunks. The skin is sensitive to touch, elevated temperatures, and the pain can be quite intense at times and spread along the veins. If you also experience symptoms such as loss of appetite, body weight and the appearance of other symptoms, this could indicate more serious health conditions. In any case, it is necessary to see a doctor immediately. Thrombophlebitis when it comes to its symptoms, it can occur in these states: First stage where varicose veins are not visible or palpable. In the second stage, small varicose veins and swelling around the ankles are seen. In the third stage, varicose veins are visible, and in the next stage, edema. In the highest stages, obvious changes in the skin and ulcers are visible. It is therefore necessary to act immediately and prevent further deterioration of the disease.

How is thrombophlebitis treated?

If thrombophlebitis is the disease you are suffering from, you should see a doctor immediately. Only he is authorized to give you appropriate therapy and advice on further treatment. Assuming you did, we’ll cover how it’s treated below thrombophlebitis, and the facts you will read are purely informative. It is recommended that you stop wearing tourniquets and engage in regular exercise that improves blood flow in the body. If you are a regular smoker, it would be advisable to stop smoking. At the same time, you must take anticoagulant drugs to prevent the formation of clots. Namely, the worst thing that can happen with this disease is that the blood clot goes to your brain or heart, causing a heart attack or stroke. In extreme cases, surgery will be performed to remove the clot. In any case, the progress of this disease must be monitored, of course under the supervision of a doctor. What you can do on your part is to actively exercise and control your diet.