A natural remedy for gastritis

A natural remedy for gastritis

A natural remedy for gastritis and what is gastritis

Gastritis is a condition of the body in which inflammation of the gastric mucosa occurs due to the action of viruses and bacteria that created the infection. The causes of gastritis can be various from genetics, to life stresses, and due to alcohol consumption, various drugs, due to chronic vomiting, and excessive secretion of stomach acid as a result of consumption of corrosive and toxic substances.

There is a natural remedy for gastritis that is well known as a folk remedy, it is wormwood. Although it is bitter to consume, it acts quickly and eliminates stomach problems such as intestinal cramps, diarrhea, constipation, excessive amounts of stomach acid, a feeling of abdominal pain. It is necessary to drink one to two cups of wormwood tea for at least a week and the problems with gastritis will disappear.

To prevent the occurrence of gastritis a natural remedy for gastritis will help you not to worsen the condition of gastritis because chronic gastritis can develop cancer, and it is necessary to adjust the diet and avoid foods that cause gastritis and destroy the gastric mucosa.

A natural remedy for gastritis and what are the symptoms of gastritis

Symptoms that occur due to gastritis can occur gradually, disappear and reappear, and this can last for years. Usually, people who have a problem with gastritis will seek help when the situation becomes more serious and the symptoms get worse.

The main symptoms of gastritis are pain in the abdomen after eating, which is accompanied by belching, possible vomiting, and a feeling of heaviness in the stomach, but also accompanied by diarrhea. Rejection of some foods is very likely because you know from experience that they encourage you to have a recurrence of gastritis. In fact, the real causes of gastritis are when you need it a natural remedy for gastritis is the stress you experience on a daily basis. Therefore, it is extremely important to reduce stress in your life.

The medicine for gastritis will help you if you feel nausea and loss of appetite, you have vomiting, increased stomach acid, your stools are dark in color, you are constantly hiccuping and burping. You have a hard time digesting food, and you feel bloated with pain mostly in the upper abdomen in the stomach area, and you will especially need a natural remedy for gastritis if you vomit blood, which is already a serious sign that you are taking action.

The best natural remedy for gastritis

In addition to the already mentioned wormwood, there are other foods that are a natural remedy for gastritis and help treat gastritis. For example, fresh cabbage juice, which is rich in glutamine, helps to heal the gastric mucosa and soothe inflammatory conditions, try blending fresh cabbage and drinking it for at least a week.

Aloe vera, which is an extremely medicinal plant for many diseases, helps a lot and in the renewal of the gastric mucosa with its ingredient aloctin will reduce gastric juices and help in the recovery of the stomach. Ginger also has many healing properties on the whole body, and consuming ginger juice up to three times a day helps with all digestive problems. However, if your gastritis has taken hold, do not treat it with ginger, but consult a doctor.

Licorice and turmeric are natural remedies for gastritis, while licorice should not be taken by people with heart and liver problems, turmeric with its anti-inflammatory effect affects bile function, has anti-inflammatory and improves digestion, reducing acid and restoring stomach walls.

source:  webmd

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