Huawei now has 150 million HarmonyOS devices, delivering v3.0 Developer Preview

HarmonyOS 3.0 is coming in September, the first beta version will be released next month

The third major version of Huawei’s Harmony OS was announced in October last year, and the first review for developers came out a few weeks later. However, development seems to have run into a small hurdle, so the rollout schedule had to be shifted. this year. Version 2.0 was launched in June and in mid-September already had a base of 100 million devices. In addition, we should see v3.0 soon – a beta version is expected in May, although Huawei has not officially confirmed it.

The new version polishes the user interface and improves performance, but does not bring major changes in the look and feel of the OS. Huawei recently released ArkUI, a declarative UI framework for building HarmonyOS applications using TypeScript or JavaScript, which can be used to develop applications for 3.0. Note that these dates relate to the introduction of updates for existing devices.

The Huawei Mate 50 series is still in the pipeline, it may come in July after it missed its traditional H2 launch window last year. The Mate 50 devices should be the first to run Harmony OS 3.0. As for the existing devices that will be updated to the new version, we should get an indication of when the first beta versions start to appear. You can also follow the benchmark on social networks

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