A natural remedy for fatty liver

A natural remedy for fatty liver

A natural remedy for fatty liver to make the liver function better

The liver is an extremely important organism in the human body and one of its main tasks is to detoxify the body. In addition to detoxifying the body, some of its tasks are the production of bile to facilitate digestion, protein production, iron storage, stimulates the production of blood clotting substances and filters and removes bacteria and toxins from the body to keep the immune system in better condition.

In order for the liver to do its job successfully, it is important that it is functional and healthy, but as it is the so-called “Silent organ”, diseases and damage are most often discovered only when the problems progress. One of the most common liver problems is fatty liver disease, or technically called steatosis. It is caused by excessive accumulation of fat in the liver area and over time this disease can slow down the functioning of the liver. A natural remedy for fatty liver is good to know how to act and treat these problems on your own. For this reason, we will state below which it is a natural remedy for fatty liver to keep your liver healthy again.

A natural remedy for fatty liver when the disease progresses

Fatty liver disease occurs and progresses through three stages. The first stage is when large amounts of fat accumulate in the liver, which causes swelling, ie inflammation of the liver, and therefore continues to accumulate fat. The second stage is that scarring occurs on the liver, but the liver still retains its function. If the inflammation and scars are not removed, either by a doctor’s intervention or by taking a natural remedy for fatty liver, the scars and nodules begin to replace healthy tissue resulting in cirrhosis and speak of advanced liver disease. Fatty liver differs in whether it is non-alcoholic or alcoholic.

Alcoholic fatty liver occurs as the name suggests due to excessive alcohol consumption, while non-alcoholic is often caused by obesity, diabetes, high blood fats and the like. For that reason a natural remedy for fatty liver it can be prevention and lifestyle changes if you are obese or if you consume large amounts of alcohol.

A natural remedy for fatty liver requires a lifestyle change

The first step in the treatment of alcoholic fatty liver is to eliminate alcohol from life and change the lifestyle from the root, which means a healthier diet and physical activity. With a non-alcoholic fatty liver, also change your lifestyle, change your diet and increase physical activity if you are overweight, eliminate foods full of refined sugars and the like. Lifestyle change is the basis when it comes to treating fatty liver, because only then can a natural remedy for fatty liver come into play.

Dietary supplements based on natural ingredients work as a natural remedy for fatty liver, of which silymarin and sikavica stand out, which have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. It is believed that taking Q10 coenzymes, curcumin and omega-3 fatty acids in the form of dietary supplements can also have a beneficial effect on the treatment of fatty liver, but it is certainly good to contact a professional such as a nutritionist or pharmacist before taking these supplements. such as the dosage and manner of use of these natural remedies.

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