What is andropause and what are the most common symptoms

What is andropause and what are the most common symptoms


What is Andropause?

Andropause or menopause in a male way is a drop in testosterone levels. Hormonal changes in adulthood are not just reserved for women, and as women go through menopause, men catch up andropause. Andropause can be defined as a condition that occurs in older men and is characterized by a lack of male hormones. Loss of potency and sexual desire can be classified as the first signs of andropause.

It is important to emphasize that “male menopause” is still under the magnifying glass of various scientists and scientific research, as a phenomenon it has not yet been studied in detail like menopause. And while it’s perfectly normal for both sexes to face a variety of hormonal changes as they get older, not much is known about andropause. We can often hear jokes at the expense of men entering the midlife crisis, and while many are actually joking the above is true.

Men also like women face various changes in hormones which puts only the body in a different position. Today we know how stress, alcohol and smoking, drugs and various medications as well as lack of physical activity are friends of andropause. A healthier lifestyle can “delay” the onset of andropause for a few years, but its symptoms will begin to appear in middle-aged men.

What is andropause and what are the most common symptoms
What is andropause in man (source: Pinterest)


Andropause symptoms

Andropause or the gradual decrease in androgens in the body of men can be recognized by the many symptoms, many symptoms are associated with the aging process and are the same for both sexes. Hormonal changes are very similar in both sexes, so it is not uncommon for men to experience what women experience at menopause.

Men may experience hot flashes or hot flashes, muscle and joint pain, hair loss, decreased energy levels, frequent fatigue and lethargy, weak sexual desire, difficulty getting erections, decreased semen volume, worsening mood. Andropause as a health problem is determined by a diagnosis that is made during a detailed conversation with a doctor and urologist.

The interview may be followed by a clinical examination and a laboratory examination of the hormones in the blood. These symptoms are present in hormonal changes. Although andropause is less well known today than menopause, both conditions are linked by similar hormonal changes that are characteristic depending on gender. The onset of symptoms is impossible to avoid, but there are beneficial effects of andropause treatment that can help men cope more easily with this condition.

Andropause treatment

Treatment will only take place in men who have been diagnosed with andropause. There is a use of male hormone that is obtained in a selected way. Preparations for oral administration, more specifically by mouth, various skin gels, intramuscular injections, and subcutaneous implants can be found. The treatment itself is closely monitored, and there is a possibility of side effects that are most evident in the prostate area. There are certain supplements you can use

Andropause if it proves to require hormonal therapy if a man agrees to it, it is important to perform detailed examinations before receiving it to determine if there are any obstacles in the type of treatment. At the start of treatment, it is important to monitor testosterone and PSA levels to determine the appropriate dose.

In the first year of treatment, a check-up is required every six months, while with regular findings, the check-up is performed once a year. What are the beneficial effects on this form of treatment? In men, there is a return and increase in the desire for sex, there is an improvement in erections and an increase in the quality of sexual intercourse, there is a reduction in adipose tissue and muscle growth, memory improves, the possibility of heart attack or stroke decreases.

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