Natural antibiotic - how to make it

Natural antibiotic – how to make it

A natural antibiotic in the past

Prior to the discovery of antibiotics, a large number of people died as a result of bacterial infections that are extremely easy to treat today. The discovery of penicillin enabled the production of antibiotics for a wide mass of people, which made it easily accessible for the treatment of various health problems and infections caused by bacteria. However, antibiotics were also known to some older peoples, but they were not taken in the form of tablets, but were various products that had an antibiotic effect. Thus, the ancient Egyptians used bread that had mold on it to treat some infections, because such bread also has a special effect, such as penicillin.

This is just one of the proofs that it is possible to make a natural antibiotic from certain foods or products that most people have access to. A natural antibiotic it is most often made in the form of tinctures that use liquids such as 80 percent alcohol or certain forms of vinegar that have certain antibacterial properties for their base.

Natural antibiotic and what it is made of

The natural antibiotic is often used for various colds and sore throats, so it is questionable whether we can really call it an antibiotic or a product that has a beneficial effect on the body and strengthens the immune system, which makes the body better resistant to disease. A natural antibiotic for strengthening immunity is based on apple cider vinegar or 80 percent alcohol and ingredients are added to it that are considered to have antioxidant properties and are good for strengthening immunity. Garlic, onions, hot peppers such as habanera, ginger, horseradish and turmeric are the most common ingredients in such home-made tinctures that boost immunity to help withstand colds.

Given the ingredients, you should keep in mind that such a preparation is quite spicy and it will not necessarily suit everyone, especially if you have a sensitive stomach and may be too strong for children if you intend to give it to them. Of course, there are other ways to boost immunity with readily available herbs.

Natural antibiotic and what it is used for

Depending on the problem that is bothering you, some plants that have antibacterial properties can also be a natural antibiotic. If you suffer from oral problems, sage tea is a good choice to reduce the amount of bacteria in it. Garlic and ginger have already been mentioned as popular choices to boost immunity, but not everyone likes their taste and some people avoid them. Honey is also very effective when it comes to some colds or even for wound healing due to its properties.

A natural antibiotic it is certainly good to try if you are bothered by certain problems, but if you notice that it does not help or reduce the problems, consult your doctor to get a drug that will solve the problems caused by certain bacteria. It is necessary to work on immunity throughout the year, because only in this way will you increase the chance that your body will resist various infections. If things get complicated, be sure to visit a professional to get the necessary care and solve problems.

source:  webmd

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