How to stretch the neck

How to stretch the neck

How to stretch the neck and how neck pain occurs

How to stretch the neck is becoming an increasingly common question, how neck pain is becoming an everyday occurrence for a large number of people. There are several causes of such neck pain, which can be very uncomfortable and turn into chronic pain. The problem with neck pain is that the neck is very close to the brain, the center of sensation, so the sensation of pain is much stronger than when we have pain in more distant parts of the body.

Also, the neck is very specific and is constantly under load, especially today when the average person never spends more time at the computer or looking at a cell phone. As much as computers and mobile devices make our lives easier, their long-term use leaves negative consequences on the neck and upper back. Simply, when using these devices, we often forget about proper posture, and improper posture results in neck pain. That is why it is very important to know, besides how to stretch the neck and how to stand upright and how to set up your work environment around your computer.

How to stretch your neck if it hurts

When neck pain occurs, know about it how to stretch the neck in the right way can help relieve pain. As we have stated, the neck is very sensitive to irregular movements and sudden jerks, so one should be careful and concentrated when stretching the neck. Breathing is also very important, in order to relax and stretch the neck properly. Before stretching the neck, warm up the neck muscles well to relax and to be able to achieve as much extension as possible when stretching. Just circle your head to one side and the other several times, and lower your chin to your chest a few times and look up.

How to stretch the neck
How to stretch the neck (source: Pinterest)


Now do stretching exercises by resting your chin on your chest without moving your shoulders and the rest of your upper body. Hold this position for a few seconds, then return your head to the neutral position. Repeat the movement several times. In the same way, throw your head first to the right side and hold for a few seconds, then repeat the same on the other side. This is one way to stretch your neck if it hurts and if you feel tension.

How to stretch your neck at work or at home

Exercises and the above procedure how to stretch the neck you can use it at home and even at work. Stretching the neck does not require special preparations, devices, space or time, so it can be performed every day. It is consistency that is very important in order to stop neck pain and to prevent the occurrence of pain in the future. Once you get rid of neck pain, practice exercising every day to strengthen your neck and thus stop the pain.

When exercising at home or at work, it is important to know the limit when stretching. Any appearance of great pain or discomfort is a sign that you have overdosed. When stretching the neck, you can use your hands by pushing your head in the direction of stretching with your hands and thus increasing the extension. So neck pain is a very unpleasant phenomenon, and the procedure of how to stretch the neck will help you eliminate it. Likewise, if you have problems with neck pain, adjust your pillow, bed and work environment to your needs and thus prevent neck pain in the beginning.

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