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MAMA WEED (2020, FRA) Movie review, plot, trailer, rating

After a series of dark, demanding, difficult and complex roles in serious films, the famous French actress Isabelle Huppert (Pianist, Elle, White Material, Violette Noziere) probably chose the lead role in a casual, almost casual, relaxing, perhaps for mental recovery. so stupid movie. That film is the crime comedy “Mama Weed” (La daronne in the original), and she is here a police translator from Arabic who will become the biggest Parisian hashish dealer. Her Patience is a woman accustomed to a comfortable life once provided for her by a wealthy husband from Qatar, but he has long since passed away and supplies have melted. She now has to work and work as a translator for the Paris Police Department of Narcotics, and during one wiretapping she will realize that one of the dealers is the son of her mother’s caregiver.

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Patience will misinterpret what is happening to the inspectors and help the young dealer, or rather the driver of the truck with the hashish hill, avoid the police ambush. However, the young dealer will be caught by the police, but only after he hid all the drugs. There will be an opportunity that Patience will seize and she will decide to create her own alter-ego, the Moroccan queen of hashish “La daronne” and start supplying the whole of Paris with this narcotic drug through several coiled dealers. And just as one might assume, this whole story is one that is almost impossible to take seriously, and yet somehow fun, interesting, and at times witty.

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And surprisingly, Patience will navigate between the standard police job and the new fuss. She will constantly leave the wrong traces to her colleagues, but of course the police will tighten the circle around her. Of course, Huppert built his character significantly differently than most of his characters because it is obvious that this idea itself is quite absurd and silly, so although it is clear that her transformation is funny, this crime comedy still works well and is fun to watch. Rating 6.5 / 10.


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