How to play chess

How to play chess rules, easy explanation

How to play chess

How to play chess it has often changed throughout history. The very beginnings of chess are not fully known, and it is assumed that the game originated in the 6th century AD. Some even claim that the game originated much earlier, at the very beginning of the new era. As for the geographical area, it is most likely that chess originated in India or China.

Of course, as with everything that happened in distant history, chess is associated with the legend that the game was created during the siege of Troy, and how the Greek hero Palamedes would kill boredom during a ten-year siege. Today it is the most popular European version and the way chess is played. Chess is a game played by two players and is played on a chessboard. The chessboard is composed of alternating fields of dark and white, and has a total of 64 fields. The chessboard is in the formation of 8 × 8 square fields. Each player starts the game with 16 figures, also dark or white.

How chess is played and the rules of moving pawns

There are a few very simple rules for how to play chess, and they are primarily related to the movement of each piece. First of all, it should be said that chess is a rare game in which luck is no factor, and often not even time. Of course, you can play with a time limit, but that doesn’t have to be the rule. So, chess is primarily a game of tactics, strategy and intelligence and can be played by anyone who is able to understand the simple rules that the game requires. As we said, each player starts the game with 16 figures, 8 of which are pawns. pawns can only move in a straight line forward.

How to play chess easy explanation
How to play chess (source: Pinterest)

From the starting position, second row, the pawn can be moved by 2 fields forward, and then only one field forward. The pawn can also move diagonally, but only in the situation when the opponent’s player figure is taken. A special rule that applies to a pawns figurine and that greatly affects it how to play chess, is a rule that provides for the replacement of a pawn figurine with any taken over by the opposing player at the moment when the pawn reaches the 8th field or the first field if viewed from the side of the opposing player.

How chess is played, checkmate and rules for moving other pieces

The rules of how to play chess and achieve victory are provided by several more pieces, each of which moves in a specific way. The other figurines are a king, a queen and two hunters, a jumper or popularly called a horse and two cannons. The king can only move one field at a time, but in any direction. The queen is the most mobile and there are no restrictions on her movement. So the queen can move in a straight line or diagonally in the maximum number of fields allowed by the chessboard with respect to the starting point of movement.

Rook can move only in a straight line, while hunters can move only diagonally, one color of the field each. Thus, one bishop can use only dark and the other only white fields to move. The knight can only be moved in the shape of the letter L or 3 fields forward, then one field to one of the sides. This is all it takes to know how to play chess, and the most important thing is how to win the game. In a chess game, victory is achieved by giving the opponent a chess-checkmate position. This is a position that refers to the movement of the king, and where the king can not move anywhere else, to any field, because in every free field he is in danger of being taken over by the opponent’s figures. There are a lot of online website where you can practice chess pieces moves and play a virtual opponent or the real one.

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How to Play Chess: The Complete Guide for Beginners